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Teacher calls tea party chair a Nazi

September 26th, 2011 96 comments


 Interesting.  I would think that the tea party would value free speech.  The teacher was on his own time.  Yet the tea party wants vengeance.  The local school board wisely will take no action against the teacher. 

I thought the tea party folks were rude and and strident.  I found it especially offensive that the teacher was told not to teach liberal ideas.   The kids were brought there as children.  The Dream Act  is for children who have been schooled in the United States and who are good students.  It is simply an investment in America.  We need good students to fill our work force.

Those kids are here.  We can turn them in to productive students or we can send the message that they are trash and should be gang members.  Those tea party folks sent the trash message.  I support the government teacher 100%.  He showed self control.  Nazi was mild compared to what he was thinking. 

Seriously, should Mr. Govt. Teacher even be teaching if he thinks all his students should be deported?  NO.

Fox News is giving its usual propaganda statement.  :roll:

Here is how the scenario might work down the line.  Some politician will put the squeeze on the school board to punish Bryant.  They will gave and find fault with his style or lesson.  Teaching is an art, after all, not a science.  They will find a way to mete out some hurt.  I would bet money, however, that it isn’t the end. 

Churches Sue Alabama

September 25th, 2011 41 comments

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Last week the immigration issue kept creeping back into the conversations on here. Well let’s have at it.

Church leaders in Alabama are suing the state over their new bundle of anti-immigration laws.  Why?  The churches say that the laws prevent them from doing what churches do–minister to the poor.  Some religions leaders say, as the law stands, that they could be arrested for feeding an immigrant or helping in times of sickness.  In other words, they feel that the Alabama government in interfering with the separation of church and state.

Alabama has legislated new laws based on the F.A.I.R. model, similar to those first passed in the July 2007 Resolution here in PWC.  These might even be more draconian.

Meanwhile, in Hoover Alabama, tea party forces support the new law:

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This is Serwious! Free Banana Man!

September 25th, 2011 14 comments

In the words of Ming Ming the Wonderpet duck, “This is serwious folks!!! “

 Banana Man has received 10 days suspension from school for running down the sidelines during a football game at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford, Virginia.  This story is a perfect example of schools picking their battles wisely.  As it turns out, the Stafford County School System has gotten into a pissing contest with not only their entire student body but also the nation.  Banana Man has gone viral. 

Additionally, Banana Man has autism.  Cutting to the chase, his handicapping condition may very well make him impulsive and therefore, not subject to suspension. Banana Man might have the entire nation taking up a collection for the  court challenge of his suspension.  

If Stafford County were smart, they would give the kid a job and let him run the field during half time every game. They would be the envy of all the other high schools.   Mascot Banana Man.  As long as this kid is receiving punishment, the school is the enemy.  

If anyone has video of some big Bubba sheriff leading the kid away, please post it.  These people deal with kids every day.  They should know this is one they will not win.  Not in a million years.  Banana Man is the hero of the hour. 

How does a school system save face after this bad of a screw up?

Don’t eat the ‘shrooms

September 25th, 2011 20 comments

Death Cap Mushrooms

With all the rain  in the past month, mushrooms have popped up all over, tempting people to do the unthinkable.  Their mothers much not have warned them about touching toad stools.  Several people have picked the fungus and stir fried it up, only to get deathly ill.  At least 2 area men have avoided a liver transplant.  According to the Washington Post:

Physicians offer the cautionary tale of Frank Constantinopla, 49, who after a Sept. 12 rainstorm looked in wonder at his backyard in Springfield, Va. “Oh, there’re so many mushrooms,” Constantinopla recalls thinking. “They look so lovely; I’m so lucky.”

Constantinopla plucked a handful and stir-fried them with noodles.

“They tasted good.”

Problems set in within hours and continued for days. Constantinopla and his wife grew weak, their stomachs ached, they vomited. Two days later, Constantinopla went to a local emergency room and was transferred to Georgetown University Hospital for a possible liver transplant

Doctors broke the news: Those lovely mushrooms were Amanita phalloides, a toadstool commonly known as the Death Cap.

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Palestein/Israel: There is no hope for the Middle East

September 24th, 2011 2 comments

Dirty Air Act (TRAIN) Passes the House?

September 24th, 2011 7 comments

From Huffington Post:

The U.S. House of Representatives forwarded a bill on Friday that environmental leaders warn would undermine the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to curb air pollution and protect public health. Green groups are now urging the Senate and President Barack Obama to stand strong — and avoid a repeat of recent environmental health failures, such as the shelving of proposed ozone and greenhouse gas standards.

“The Tea Party House has passed, with ease, the most radical dirty-air legislation in the history of this country,” John Walke, the clean air director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told HuffPost. “It absolutely eviscerates the legal standards for adopting emissions limits under the Clean Air Act.”

Introduced by Rep. John Sullivan (R-Okla.), the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act would create a special committee to oversee the EPA’s rules and regulations, and require the agency to consider economic impacts on polluters when it sets standards concerning how much air pollution is too much. For the last 41 years, since passage of the Clean Air Act, only scientific and medical considerations have been allowed in that analysis.

“This results in lying to the American people about whether the air is healthy or not,” said Walke.

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Open Thead………………………………………..Friday, September 23

September 23rd, 2011 99 comments


Fall is arrived this morning at 5:05 am,   just hours ahead of Olivia Marie “Howler” who was born at 7:00.  Miss Olivia must have known fall was her grandmother’s favorite season. 

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Social experimentation??? Get serious!

September 23rd, 2011 64 comments


Is Rick Santorum suggesting that heterosexuals hide who they are also? Do they lock their children away in the attic along with their wives? Is Santorum too young to realize that DADT was also “social experiementation?” It was an incremental step created by President Bill Clinton to fulfill a campaign promise to gays regarding military service. He met with such resistance he had to offer DADT as an alternative to ending the ban on gays in the military to ward off serious Congressional sanctions/legislation.

Santorum really doesn’t get that being homosexual isn’t always about sex. He totally overlooks the state of being component. How does he propose to put that genie back in the bottle?

And as for those trash-a$$es that booed a service member who is honorably serving his country–SHAME ON THEM. They simply have no class. Regardless of how one feels, the booing was totally unacceptable. 

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Fox/Google Debate 9/22–picks and pans

September 23rd, 2011 5 comments

Those are the sound bytes.  So who won, who lost, who was a fool and who will be the candidate?  Your opinions please.


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Newster: The unemployed might just be con-artists?

September 23rd, 2011 10 comments

 [T]he former speaker suggested that benefits were being abused by people who were more interested in living off the government dime than in finding actual work.

“It is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing,” he said.

Most studies of unemployment insurance have showed that lethargy is not a side effect of providing help to the unemployed. The money that is being distributed simply doesn’t cover the salary lost from not having a job.

The Newster sticks his foot in his mouth again.  Since when do the jobless get accused of being lazy.  On the one hand there is much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over joblessness and unemployment.  Then there is the Newster who suggests that people are abusing being unemployed.  Help me understand this.