Too Conservative calls out LCRC

 We hesitated before posting this picture.  We still aren’t comfortable doing it.  However, there is no way to convey the inappropriateness without the visual. We are going to post this montage for 24 hours, with reservations,  and then take it down so as not to further contribute to something we don’t approve of.   Update:  as an alternative, we took the President out of the picture.

Congratulations to Loudoun Insider for calling out the Loudoun County Republican Party for their inappropriate Halloween montage featuring President Obama with a bullet hole in his head.   According to Too Conservative Blog:

LCRC Goes WAY Too Far

By Loudoun Insider

This cartoon montage just arrived as part of an LCRC email blast.  I am no fan of Barack Obama, but putting up a photo of him as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head????????????  Like him or not he is the legitimately elected the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our armed services in a time of war.  THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL.  Someone should send this to the US Secret Service. printed that Governor McDonnell went on record opposing the depiction of such violence and said forcefully that it wasn’t to happen again:

Gov. Bob McDonnell, through spokesman J. Tucker Martin, called on the Loudoun GOP to “apologize for their actions, and to immediately ensure that such imagery is never used again.”

Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins said such an image “has no place in our politics. Ever.”

Loudoun County GOP chairman Mark Sell said in an email response to The Associated Press that the graphic was “a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday.”

Chairman Sell needs to grow up and exercise some  judgement if that is what he thinks.   Remember how appalled most of us were when some reporter threw a shoe at President Bush?  Many of those who were outraged weren’t Republicans.  They were Americans who had seen their president threatened.   I think the same sentiment leaps out at us here. 

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Herman Cain: Here We Go Again

Geraldo wants an answer to a straight up question. This information does not bode well for a presidential candidate. 

Spokesperson J. D.  Gordon dodged Geraldo’s questions fairly clumsily. 

I feel a story taking on a life of its own.

According to


During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.

The women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. The agreements also included language that bars the women from talking about their departures.

We have no opinion at this point because there are too many missing facts. However, that is certainly not going to stop the speculation.

What I do find offensive is to blame it on Cain being a conservative politician. There were enough bad boys out there the past couple of years to give John Edwards a good run for his money.

Speaking of John Edwards, he keeps getting in deeper and deeper. He is now in criminal court. However, some idiot reporter claimed some old rich woman backed him. Bunny Melon is hardly ‘some old rich woman.’ Are reporters just getting dumber or is it my imagination?

Back to Herman Cain–any speculation here? Please don’t say its because he is conservative….that is such an excuse.

You can

Colonel Morris Davis: War crimes and torture

The following is the opinion of the poster and does not necessarily represent the views of administration.



I was amused last week as I heard one of our bloggers accuse Moe Davis of being an ‘Obama Boy.’ I would say he fits in no one’s niche.   He is his own man.  I don’t agree totally with Moe but I respect his opinion and willingly accept that he was there and I wasn’t. He also knows the law a little better than I do. 

The final analysis must come from Mark Twain:

It is difference of opinion that makes horse races.

Will anyone ever be tried for war crimes?  Is the USA duplicitous or hypocritical?

Carlos Martinelly Montano found guilty of felony murder

I will always be uncomfortable with a murder verdict.  Murder is intentionally killing someone.  Are prosecutors in Virginia ready to charge all drunk drivers who kill someone with murder or was this special charge reserved for Carlos only?  Manslaughter yes, murder no. 

This case is about drunk driving and about being an habitual offender.  It isn’t about illegal immigration.  It was political theater being played out on a stage contrary to the explicit wishes of the Benedictine nuns.  It took tragedy and turned it into political carnage as Corey Stewart appeared again and again on both national and local TV, trumpeting the evils of illegal immigration.  He even had a Rule of Law campaign soliciting money.  The entire affair was unseemly. 

I hope  Stewart is smug and  pleased with himself.  He is who continually waved the bloody shirt and demanded Martinelly’s head on a platter, again, in defiance of the wishes of the Bristow order of nuns whose sisters were victims of this terrible accident. 

Where does this leave us when the next drunk driver isn’t an immigrant? 

Where will this verdict lead us next time?  Beware of unintended consequences.  I expect we have not heard the last of this unusually charged case.

The Wizard of Oz is 72 years old

The Wizard of Oz is 72 years old.

Today, if Dorothy were to encounter men with no brains, no hearts, and no balls,



she wouldn’t be in Oz.

She’d be in Congress!

The women aren’t much better.  Has Congress ever had such a low approval rating?  Thanks to Bear for our Sunday Birthday wish to the Wizard of Oz.

More importantly, the wizard was just a little man behind a curtain, not the all-powerful.  Who really is behind the curtain and who is really running things?  I think we all should be scared.  Whoever is running things is rich and powerful and the rest of us are just peons. 

My eyes are on the jesters.  They gain confidence and always know where the skeletons are buried.  Meanwhile, watch out for the flying monkeys and the witches.  The witches aren’t what they seem to be.  We aren’t in Kansas any more. 



Joe Scarborough: Kicking the Commander-in-Chief for Sport

From Politico:

Joe Scarborough is a guest columnist for Politico.

Republicans spent the past decade being shocked and stunned by Democrats who dared to question their president’s motives for going to war in Iraq.

The late liberal lion, Sen. Ted Kennedy, took an extra large heaping of abuse from the right for his constant attacks on George W. Bush’s character as commander in chief. One low point for political civility was when Kennedy said the war in Iraq was “made up in Texas” for political purposes.

The House Republican leader at the time called the remarks “hateful,” “disgusting” and attacked the Massachusetts senator for “insulting the president’s patriotism.”

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, characterized this and other similar Kennedy comments as “paranoid lunacy.”

And they were.

Can you imagine any United States senator stooping so low as to suggest that our commander in chief would risk the safety of American troops for political purposes?

Sadly, I can.

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Jon2012girls Smokin’ Ad

Too Funny!!

Jon Huntsman’s daughters shamelessly promote their dad and refuse to take lessons from the stuffy campaigns of others. According to the Daily Beast:

Mary Anne, Abby, and Liddy, all stylish twentysomethings with a penchant for snark, have been chronicling their campaign misadventures with a lively Twitter feed called @Jon2012girls. Originally created to let their friends know where they would be stumping for dad on any given day, the feed has attracted nearly 6,000 followers and turned its authors into minor celebrities among the political chattering class.

It helps that the Huntsman girls seem allergic to the hyper-polished talking points that dominate presidential campaigns, sharing photos of themselves planking and sarcastically complaining about the campaign’s decision to relocate headquarters from Florida to New Hampshire (“Thanks dad.”) After their father appeared on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, they tweeted: “FYI @ColbertReport has heated toilets in the green room. #hotbuns.”

They also seem to take special pleasure in needling the clean-cut, well-starched Romney camp. On October 11, for example, they tweeted at Romney’s son Tagg: “Want to tailgate for the next debate? Vegas wild. We’ll bring the godfathers, you bring the diet coke.” Then they added, “Mormon tabernacle choir can DJ.”

Is America ready for the Jon2012girls?  They are too cute.  I love their irreverence.  Of course,  Jon Huntsman is my R of the month.   Careful what you say.  He might walk away with the nomination.  You never know.  The rest are tripping and falling all over themselves.

School Days, School Days…may all be changing

Today’s Washington Post reports that school jurisdictions around the country are running into so many funding problems that some have chosen to go to the 4 day school week to cut back on expenses:

North Branch, Minn. — Pressed for dollars, a growing number of public schools are doing what many educators once considered unimaginable: eliminating an entire school day each week.

At least 292 school districts nationwide have a four-day week, according to a Washington Post survey, more than double the 120 estimated two years ago.

That’s still a small fraction of the nation’s 15,000 school districts, but it’s one signal that this is shaping up to be a “cliff year” in American education as the evaporation of federal stimulus funds and other fiscal troubles force many schools to make dramatic cuts.

In this community just north of the Twin Cities, they already cut the drama club. And cheerleading, ski club and marching band. So many teachers have been laid off that some classrooms have 40 students and one high school guidance counselor juggles 550 students. When school officials couldn’t figure out what else to squeeze, they lopped off a day.

One such experiment in Virginia came about not because of funding issues but because of the earthquake in late August.  Louisa County High School was condemned because it suffered extensive damage during the 5.9 earthquake.  School officials had to make do with what they had so the high school kids now go to school at the middle school Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  The middle school goes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.    The teachers and kids apparently love the new arrangement.  School takes in from 8 – 5 pm.  The parents supposedly hate it.  The Louisa County kids probably are not getting the full state mandated times in.  However, it cannot be helped at this point.

What are the advantages of a 4 day week?  1 day fewer bus runs, 1 less day to  crank up climate control,  1 less day to pay hourly workers like cafeteria servers to name a few places to save.  Certainly readers will think of more savings.

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At what point do we discard the party promises?

There has been an on-going discussion on this blog about political parties, who belongs to which, and what our respective obligations are to a political party.  It is  safe to say that there are a fair number of Republicans on here.  Some people are tea party Republicans, some folks are fiscal conservative Reagan-type Republicans, and some are generic Republicans. 

There don’t seem to be card-carrying Democrats here but there are quite a few people who tend to be democratic supporters and voters.  I was once an informal Republican and later became a card-carrying Democrat.  Occasionally there were people chosen locally, state, or on the national evel who were just bad actors.  I ran in to some folks I simply couldn’t vote for.   So what do you do?   I am an Independent now and have been for probably 20 years.  I have no party localities. 

Steve feels it is a matter of principle to vote for a Republican, since he is also an officer in the City organization.  Is there a point where you shouldn’t just vote for party and should follow your conscience?  What earmarks should we look for?  It almost seems like we could end up electing the next Hitler if we don’t have some mental stops in place. 

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Committee of 100 Debate…Ann Wheeler Has Stellar Performance!

When Republicans who attended the debate last night agree that Peter Candland presents as an empty suit, you know you are in trouble.

One of the most memorable moments of the evening, for me, was when the two candidates were discussing bringing new jobs to Prince William County. The broader question became–why AREN’T businesses relocating here?

Peter Candland, talked about how he has the business savvy to bring new economic investment to the County. He touted  his experience serving on a corporate relocation task force, but then failed to  verbalize  why he was unable  to bring these business to Prince William County.  Candland freely admitted  that “quality of life” issues are what will bring high-end retail and corporate investment, but  he lost traction informing his listeners how to upgrade the quality of life issues.  He lacked specifics and upbraided his opponent over stimulus money but failed to reveal how he would finance these issue that both candidates feel are important. 

Ann Wheeler was confident and articulate in her answers during the debate.  Wheeler has a moderate and realistic grasp of the needs of Prince William County. She understands that PWC must invest in those quality of life resources like  schools, libraries,  parks and recreation, walkable communities, superior fire, rescue and police services  and decent roads.  These are the issues that attract quality economic investment. 

While both candidates addressed county concerns directed at the Gainesville District, Ann Wheeler clearly demonstrated substance over ideological talking points.  She backed up her remarks with specific examples whereas Candland spoke in sweeping generalities.  She simply appeared to have her thumb directly on the pulse of the community.

Pat Robertson says GOP too extreme

Geez, if Pat Robertson says the GOP is too extreme, you need to worry.  Isn’t this the dude who said Katrina was caused by gay people?  If Pat get it, so should everyone else.  If Pat “liberals are akin to Nazis’ Robertson thinks you are too extreme, maybe he is on to something.  Perhaps he has had an ephiphany. 

Let’s focus. Who is the candidate who is going to come through here and do a big whup-ass on Obama?  Just tell us the candidate.  We will prepare.  Thanks for the warning, Pat.  Will the next warning  be delivered  by a horde of locusts?

Chris Royse accused of misleading voters

Frank Principi has accused opponent Chris Royse of misleading Woodbridge Magisterial District voters.  Royse claimed that he would bring in AFRICOM  to the Woodbridge area.  To date, he has not spoken with anyone in that organization.  According to and the News & Messenger received results of a Freedom of Information Act request from Principi’s office which confirms that Royse – a Republican — has never had any official contact with members of the military installation currently located in Stuttgart, Germany.

In at least one speech to potential voters, Royse says that AFRICOM is “real and it’s going to happen.”

In the same speech, posted on, he states that he had conversations with former U.S. Congressman Tom Davis and current Congressman Rob Wittman about AFRICOM and said it could happen in four years.

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Gainesville candidates for supervisor spar over Candland’s attendance record

Things are heating up in the Gainesville Magisterial District over the attendance record of Peter Candland’s main claim to fame which is his service on Supervior John Stirrup’s budget committee.  Candidate Ann Wheeler has called in to question Candland’s attendance record.  Candland’s main  opponent in the Republican primary, Martha Hendley, was first to mention questionable attendance despite the  fact Candland claimed to have served on this committee for three years.  Several county folks have said his   attendance was sketchy as best.

Wheeler admonished  Candland for missing the last Wednesday night’s Haymarket Meet and Greet the Candidates.   Candland told the News and Messenger that he had notified the Haymarket town manager  that he would be unable to attend because of a business commitment.  News and Messenger reported:

 Wheeler sent out a press release after the forum, saying it’s “a disservice to the voters and the community to not show up to forums such as these.”

In the same breadth, Wheeler’s campaign staff released a Freedom of Information Act request of Candland’s three-year attendance record for the budget committee.


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