[Ed. note:  as of 10/17  the offensive article bashing BRUU and its congregation remains.  We can assume Mr. Candland has not demanded it be removed.]

Candidate Peter Candland needs to hold his supporters accountable for their behavior on his behalf.  Last week, the Reverend Robert Jeffress spouted off about Mormons being a cult and not being Christian.  Many bloggers and commentators, including Moonhowlings, took a strong stand against Mr. Jeffress’ specific brand of religious prejudice and denounced bashing an entire religion based on one person’s opinion. 

Apparently not everyone feels that bashing someone’s religion is nasty business.  BVBL   has published a tirade against Candland’s opponent, Ann Wheeler, for having a fund-raiser in the home of Brian Pace who is a leader in  the Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church  in Manassas.   Brian Pace was used as a springboard to launch into another diatribe vilifying BRUU and its perceived support of progressive issues, specifically opposition to the Marriage Amendment Act, various church events, Gay Prom Night for teens sponsored by BRUU and a variety of other ‘sins’ enumerated by the blogmeister.  The piece was prejudicial, gay-bashing, anti-BRUU and illogical. 

If elected, Gainesville Supervisor, Mr. Candland will represent people of many faiths, including some with whom he staunchly disagrees on matters of values and beliefs.  If he is troubled by this fact, he should not be running for public office.  Moreover, reaching out to potential constituents does not signify that Ann Wheeler or any other candidate agrees with the totality of the views held by any group of  people.  Must someone who supports Mr. Candland accept all of the beliefs of the Mormon Church?  Many Protestants, Catholics, Jews and others support Mr. Candland on the basis of his stated conservative views.  Why should we think that Ann Wheeler shares all of the beliefs of the BRUU any more than Mr. Candland’s supporters share all of the tenants of his Mormon faith?

According to Greg Letiecq:

If Ann Wheeler is having fundraisers at the homes of people that engage in this sort of behavior, I have to conclude she is in full support of that behavior.  There really isn’t any other conclusion you can arrive at.  If you want to have Gainesville represented on the Board of Supervisors by someone who wants gay “marriage”,  pushing the homosexual agenda on our children in the public schools, and at least accepting of candidates for office trying to find gay “hook-ups” on gay dating sites, Ann Wheeler is your candidate.

All that inflammatory, libelous tirade because the fundraiser host is an active member of BRUU?  That brings a new dimension to bashing the religion of others.  In addition to incredibly faulty logic, Letiecq concludes that Peter Candland is a better choice.  Too bad he had to do Candland the disservice of dragging him into such an unseemly blog post.  

Now it will be up to Candland to rein in his supporter since he is the candidate who profits from the negative, nasty images painted about Ann Wheeler and the congregants of BRUU.  I expect Mr. Candland is embarrassed and certainly wouldn’t want his wife and children to see anything like what we can all read on BVBL connected with him.  I feel certain he will want to do the right thing and face Ms. Wheeler on issues, not over the religion of a fundraiser host. 

 Just as others who seek elected office have been called upon to repudiate inflammatory statements that deride Mormonism, the faith that Peter Candland and Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney share,  Mr. Candland must renounce BVBL’s uncalled for attacks on someone else’s faith, even if he disagrees with the beliefs and values held by adherents to that faith.  Failing to do so would signify clearly that he is unfit to represent a community of many religious traditions.



28 Thoughts to “Does Peter Candland Support Freedom of Religion for Everyone?”

  1. Cargosquid

    “Candidate Peter Candland needs to hold his supporters accountable for their behavior on his behalf.”


    When have you ever seen any left candidate hold THEIR supporters accountable?

    He should tell them that they might not be helping his campaign, but to hold them accountable?

    Notice, I’m not saying that they are correct or civil, etc. But, when will there be calls for the left to hold accountable their supporters, ie….well…numerous examples abound.

    1. This isn’t third grade and it isn’t about left/right. It is about decency. Elena and I just finished dealing with this issue during Republican primaries. Same people. Same bullying. Now I don’t know how to make it a left right issue in a Republican primary. Get over this continual obsession with right’/left. You just missed the entire point.

  2. Elena

    Peter Candland is promoting a blog that gives out misinformation on a regular basis about me. So yes, Cargo, he does need to make a public statement condemning bullying behavior.

    Greg is a bully, he attacks people in the most vicious ways. I teach my children, and have since they were little little, that not being a bully is not enough, if you SEE bullying behavior it is your responsibility to speak out.

    We speak out on this blog about such behavior and Peter Candland should too. We have contacted candidates and encumbents to reach out to Greg, if not publicly, at least privately, to curb his often cruel and personal attacks.

    This is NOT about left or right, it is important to stay on topic please. If some blog were being this disgusting towards a republican, we would say so, in fact, I believe we did!

  3. Cargosquid

    Actually I didn’t.

    I wasn’t commenting on just THIS race or the left and right. I was commenting on the fact that I see a lot of comments about the candidates of the right holding their supporters “accountable” or being careful of what’s written, etc….but I don’t see much criticism about the left’s candidates and supporters. Seems one sided to me.

    I agree with you Elena. If that’s happening…..he should say something. I was just speaking in a more general way.

    But, and maybe you guys don’t realize it, but when we (conservatives) bring up the examples of such actions on the left, it gets ignored, trivialized, or given the benefit of the doubt, instead of being soundly condemned.

    Anyway….its the voters that will hold his supporters accountable. Ain’t America great!

  4. It doesn’t matter about other races.

    You conservatives pay the victim card more than any folks I have ever seen. Please, This thread is about the need for a candidate to rein in 2 of his supporters who are attacking others and spreading lies. Why would you chose this thread to talk about what the left does to you? I simply don’t get it.

  5. Cargosquid

    I was picking this one because of your first line which I copied and responded to. It jumped out at me. That’s all.

    As for the victim card…really? Or is it that the left attacks the right with false charges constantly, and demands civility from the right when the incivility on the left is ignored? We just want equal treatment.

  6. Cargosquid

    I happen to agree with your statements in the article. I was just talking about your statements about accountability. That’s such a loaded word.

    And it wasn’t about what the left does to me so much as a desire for an equal accountability on all sides. Which I know you are in favor of…since you say so.

    I was just pointing out that I don’t see it much.

    1. I guess you missed our post on the dude who attacked Mitt Romney? We continually try to find common ground. The “yes but” detractor is making that extremely difficult.

      We were pretty clear. Candland has used his attack dogs against both his Republican opponents and his Democratic opponents, or so it seems. We have asked him to rein them in. It wasn’t loaded. I doubt if he ordered up this latest attack. However, since he is the one who will profit from those who buy in to the absurd illogical diatribe, he is the one who needs to be accountable for it and to put a stop to it.

      The gay bashing was just disgusting. At what point to we, as Americans, just decide that kind of talk is just rude? I knew by the time I was 10 years old.

  7. Cargosquid

    Moon, I saw the post on the dude that attacked Mitt.

    That was very nice. That idiot was also from the right of Mitt.

    I was talking about attacks from the left that happen every day, general rudeness, outrageous, inflammatory statements, etc


    1. I think the attacks come from both sides. When you are a moderate you feel it from both ends.

      I don’t know where the Reverend Jeffress fits in on the political spectrum and I am not sure it matters. He was bringing his own theology to the public square. that is what got him into trouble.

      One can oppose Mitt Romney from a political point of view without attacking his Christianity. Had Jeffress attacked his policy or plank, he would have been perfectly within his rights.

      I am not sure I would say that Rick Perry was to the right of Mitt Romney. Both men have extremely different ideologies.

      I don’t obsess with rightness or leftness. Being a person with little ideology, I find locking myself in prevents me from being a pro choice death penalty supporting southerner who wants to preserve history.

      I will confess a good joke on me. Elena might still be gripping her throat, however. The other night, I had done a thread on Perry supporting the Confederate battle flag on license plates in Texas. I thought he really needed to learn that just using the flag willy nilly was inciteful. As I was telling Elena about it on the phone I took a closer look. It was the Sons of Confederate Veterans group. That is a bona fide historical group that has been around a long time. I feel it is on the same order as the DAR or the Daughters of the Confederacy.

      We have Sons of Confederate Veterans plates here in Virginia also, complete with their logo.

      I don’t have a problem with this. It is historical use in context, not some redneck running around making racial overtones.

      I am very glad I saw the fine print before I put up something I would have regretted.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    Candland allies himself with Greg at his peril – much as Corey allied himself with Speakman (the Independent candidate for Loudoun County sheriff known for sending the infamous penis picture). Corey has now endorsed the Republican candidate but his endorsement still lingered on Speakman’s website until very recently. It just serves as a reminder that a candidate or an admirer should vet those he snuggles up to because their endorsements may be the kiss-of-death to ordinary voters.

    Greg has been labelled a nativist by a couple national organizations; he’s continually made ugly comments about Hispanics and gays; he’s obsessed with the BRUU church, he was leader of an organization which brought more hateful speech to this county than anything I can remember. I don’t think his endorsement or support is anything that a candidate should seek. (And some get that support regardless of whether they seek or want it.)

    Greg has very few followers these days. His blog has gotten recent traffic merely from some down-and-outpolitical fights going on in Loudoun County. Without those pi$$ing contests, his blog would be dead with a capital “D”.

    I don’t understand his desire to smear Wheeler by saying that someone who attends BRUU church had a fund-raiser for her. His main concern when it comes to religion should be whether he brings disgrace to his own church or faith.

  9. Re: Mormonism and the Cult Question

    I particularly agree with the last paragraph of this article.

    Meanwhile, we can be good neighbors and even close friends while we agree to disagree and sometimes warmly debate the differences between us.

    What I see missing in discussions on many of the other local blogs is ‘being good neighbors and freinds’ and the ‘warm debate’. Often it is just personal attacks & nastiness compounded by ignorance espoused as truth.

    Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress says that Mormonism is a cult.

    Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, says Mormonism is not a cult.

    To confuse matters further, William McGurn denounces the “cult” of Anti-Mormonism.

    Who’s right?

    The answer is, it all depends on definition and context. Some years ago Walter Martin offered the following two indicators of a cult (from Kingdom of the Cults):

    A cult might also be defined as a group gathered about a specific person or a person’s misinterpretation of the Bible (p. 17 emphasis in original). . . .

    From a theological standpoint, the cults contain major deviations from mainstream Christianity (p. 18).

    Those indicators are very helpful, especially the one about “deviations from mainstream Christianity.” However, that doesn’t completely solve the problem. First, we have to define “mainstream Christianity,” presumably using some of the great creeds of the faith, such as the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. Assuming we can get agreement on mainstream Christianity, we face the larger problem that the word “cult” has a particularly ugly connotation in public discourse, reminding people of Jim Jones and the murder-suicide of hundreds of his followers in Guyana.

    By that standard you could hardly apply the word to our Mormon friends. If you think about people along the spectrum of things like diligence, kindness, family values, integrity, generosity, and a host of other good traits, Mormons would rank as high (if not higher) than Baptists or Catholics.

    There is yet a further problem. Christians don’t agree among themselves about who is and who isn’t “in the family.” I routinely hear people talking about “real” Christians, meaning that somewhere out there you can find a whole bunch of “unreal” or “fake” or “self-deceived” Christians.

    I suppose we could say it this way. You can call yourself a Christian, but I don’t have to accept that as true. I do have to love you and be kind to you, but I am under no obligation to agree that you are a Christian.

    That’s a hard concept for many secular or non-religious people to understand. The default position seems to be, “You’re a Christian if you say you are.”

    Uh, no.

    Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 7:21-23).

    In terms of basic difference, the following seems crucial to me:

    Mormons do not accept non-Mormon baptism.

    Christians do not accept Mormon baptism.

    Furthermore, we do not believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God nor do we recognize any Scripture apart from the Old and New Testaments. We heartily dissent from the unique teachings of the LDS Church and they heartily dissent from us.

    That said, I doubt the wisdom of any pastor going to a basically political event and calling Mormonism a “cult.” While Jeffress later said he was speaking of a “theological cult,” meaning he was using the term in the Walter Martin sense, most people don’t understand that distinction.

    To use the word “cult” in that setting (as opposed to a Sunday morning sermon where you can explain what you mean) invites unnecessary criticism.

    As far as I’m concerned there is a great theological gulf between evangelical Christianity and the Mormon religion. So, no, I would not consider the LDS Church to be a truly Christian church because (to use Walter Martin’s term) they are outside of mainstream Christianity. That’s a theological statement, not a judgment on any particular person.

    Meanwhile, we can be good neighbors and even close friends while we agree to disagree and sometimes warmly debate the differences between us.

    1. Thanks, Alanna, for that insight. I agree that those kinds of discussions don’t belong at political rallies. They are just bound to make someone mad.

      Lots of people don’t accept each other’s baptisms. I have always belonged to the ‘splasher’ infant denominations. I know those baptisms are not accepted by some because the baptisms weren’t done with full adult consciousness. All Christians aren’t welcome to receive communion at some churches.

      Moreover, I don’t think I am legitmate in the eyes of the ‘one true faith.’ Oh well. That was just the beginning of a long list of sins there.

      Luke 6:31 has always been a personal favorite of mine. Take care of that one and the rest will follow.

  10. Lafayette

    @Censored bybvbl
    Good ASSessment. 😉
    I don’t think there’s much traffic on the other blog. Only the feverish faithful followers still exist. Not much else. There might be some just reading, but I doubt they take what they read there too seriously. I really don’t know how one could.

    The one thing that seems to be missing is that candidates don’t get to pick and choice who support them. The bottom line is they all need supporters, and they will all take all the supporters they can get. Furthermore, ones religion matters not to me when voting. We do still have freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Don’t we? Why the attacks continue is beyond me.

    I don’t agree politically with a lot of people. I take crap from those on both sides. When you don’t subscribe to either party’s tactics, this is what happens. That’s fine by me. However, I’m willing to work with anyone for a common cause. It really is ashamed that some have to be so quick to be cruel to their neighbor, instead of loving their neighbor. I’m not saying we all have to be best buds, but there’s no harm in getting along and working together.

    I would hope Candland finds it in his heart to do the right thing and speak out against that blog’s tactics on his behalf. But we know that is NOT going to happen. Look at the tactics they used for a primary for crying out loud.

    1. I would hope that Pete Candland will show his mettle and advise at least 2 of his blog supporters to clean up their act.

      Lafayette is right that you cannot pick and choose your supporters but you can certainly admonish those who aren’t doing the right thing. If the behavior continues, then perhaps Mr. Candland will have to rebuke one or both publically. Of course, he does that at his peril also.

  11. DB

    I just met Ann Wheeler while she was canvassing the neighborhood today. She was interested in hearing about how we could use some street lights in Sudley. Maybe if she wins Sudley can get some lights. I give up on Stirrup.

    1. One thing you know is that your or I will be contacted every so often and we can go back to go and start all over again. bwaaahahahahaha

      One thing that would be helpful is to find a company who would do the conversions on the old poles again., A can of spray paint and electric conversion would make up for not having street lights.

  12. Maybe she will show up at the Mr. Black Velvet’s door. Would he have enough class to be embarrassed?

  13. Elena

    Here is my feeling about religion. Too many people believe THEY have dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s and believe THEY are the righteous ones, and yet, they have missed the second most important comandment, “do not onto they neighbor which is hateful to theyself”….”the rest is commentary”. I could care less what people call themseleves, as long as they are decent human beings who treat each other with kindness and respect, you can be from the church or temple of whahooweeha!

  14. Lafayette

    Please, email sjraider1986@yahoo.com. I have some good news on the street light front. 🙂
    I need some information from you on the locations. I hope to hear from you soon.

  15. @Elena

    I think we are both espousing Luke 6: 31

  16. The Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Congregation has grown so much we’ve just gone to two services. I’m proud to be an active member of BRUU. I beleive that if one does not live their values and principles they have none.

    Our Unitarian Universalist Principles
    There are seven principles which Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote:
    The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
    Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
    Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
    A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
    The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
    The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
    Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

    Please join us at Church and Main in Manassas (even if you just want to hear awesome music) at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM each Sunday.

    Bruce Roemmelt

  17. Bruce, thank you for that welcome and invitation. I have had many friends from BRUU.

    What a shame that some residents of Prince William County have the bad manners to make nasty, prejudicial remarks about a church and its membership who do so much good in our community.

    I have yet to hear criticism of that article from Mr. Candland and the nastiness is still on BVBL. I had hopes that Mr. Candland would insist it come down. I would think that the Rev. Jeffress would have highlighted how ugliness about other people’s religion is simply not acceptable in a modern society.

  18. Theseus

    Candland better hurry up and renounce these comments like Mormons demanded other candidates renounce bigoted statements directed at them. I can’t hold my breath waiting for Candland to act much longer.

  19. George S. Harris

    “Greg is a bully, he attacks people in the most vicious ways.”

    Greg will be a bully a long as you allow him to be a bully.

    He gets way too much face time here–if you ignored him completely it might be surprising.

    “The bullying was hideous and relentless, and we turned it round by making ourselves celebrities.”

    Julian Clary

  20. I do not understand how we even have time to worry about promoting the confederate flag when there are more important issues like creating jobs. Its not Rick Perry’s fault the issue came up – its the people who want the confederate flag recognized. How can those people push their issue in Perry’s face when there are more important matters like housing the homeless, medical programs for children, and creating jobs. I think that the Sons of the Confederate Veterans need to back down and let our government focus on main issues.

  21. Ken Reynolds

    I think that Ann Wheeler has clearly shown she does not have an “agenda” to crush or adopt others’ religious beliefs. People who have seen the speeches and debates should have seen her style. She takes issues and analyzes them…..any political person who does not do that should not be in office……@Cargosquid

  22. Ken Reynolds

    ps I wrote a note here 1 hr ago in support of Ann’s position – mild language throughout – why wasnt it published??????

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