Rep. Lamborn compares POTUS association to “touching a tar baby”

The Denver Post:

Lamborn said through a spokesperson that he didn’t mean disrepect.

“Congressman Lamborn regrets any misunderstanding. He simply meant to refer to a sticky situation or quagmire.”

Yes, Right!  What an accident.(NOT!)  The Washington Post reports that Rep. Doug Lamborn is once again going to skip the State of the Union Address because he ‘disagrees’ with the policies of President Obama.  In fact, he disagreed so much last August, before Obama’s  Joint Session of Congress address, that he said he didn’t want to associate with President Obama.  Specifically, he compared working with the president  to “touching a tar baby.” (emphasis ours)

Supposedly, John Boehner encouraged everyone to attend.  He needs to require it.  Isn’t he the boss?  Where is Eric Cantor?  Isn’t he supposed to be helping the Speaker get everyone in line?

Lamborn’s comparison is totally unacceptable and he should resign.  No one today is so stupid they do not realize that a comparison of that sort is racially offensive.  No one.  Americans should refuse to accept any such statement from Lamborn and he should be censured.

Meanwhile, other lawmakers will practice bipartisan seating.  Kudos to those legislators who are willing to reach across the aisle.  No Labels has prepared a list of  Who’s sitting with Whom.   We may disagree about policy without the rancor and the hate we are seeing out of some lawmakers.  Lamborn must be pandering to his base.  Obviously his base must be comprised of people *I* want nothing to do with .  That is just very obvious “code.”

The fringe right is mainstreaming racist language


Democratic cat murdered in Arkansas


Don’t mess with non-Democrats in Arkansas.  The following story is hitting the internet all over the place.  A fairly non-political friend first sent it to me.  I didn’t use it because I felt her source was slanted.  Then I started seeing it everywhere.  So here it goes:

(Reuters) – A cat belonging to an Arkansas Democratic campaign manager was found dead on Sunday night with the word “Liberal” spray-painted across its side, the campaign manager said.

The cat was a pet of Jake Burris, who manages Democrat Ken Aden’s bid for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District. Aden is running against incumbent Republican Representative Steve Womack.

Burris was returning to his Russellville, Arkansas home with his four children when he found the cat on his doorstep, the Aden campaign said in a press release on Monday.

The mixed-breed Siamese cat had one side of its head bashed in to “the point the cat’s eyeball was barely hanging from its socket,” the release said.

Aden told Reuters that the event was “horrible, to say the least.”

“Thankfully, there are not that many people who want to do something like this,” Aden said. “The majority of people in this district are hard-working folks, but you get the occasional crazy individual out there.”


Someone knew what they were doing.  How incredibly cruel.  Most people regardless of how much they disagreed with your politics wouldn’t do anything this low and hideous.  Hopefully, the cat murderer will brag and will be apprehended.  What punishment would even be appropriate for this sick individual(s)?

Warning:  Dead Cat Picture below the fold.

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