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  1. Steve Thomas

    @Censored bybvbl
    I don’t have to debate you. The left’s time of reckoning is already at hand, or hadn’t you noticed. Happened in November 2010 when they lost all of those state legislatures during redistricting. Obama may hold onto the whitehouse, but the left will lose the Senate. Stand-by.

  2. Censored bybvbl

    @Steve Thomas

    It’s not the left – if there is much “left” left in this country – that you should worry about. It’s women. You’ve already seen how McDonnell has had to backtrack. (And his compromise is not sufficient. He and his R. cronies need to stay out of women’s medical decisions.) You’re whistling past the graveyard about the Senate. Expect to lose some House seats too – though perhaps not the majority.

    In the meantime, I’m off to prepare a celebratory feast for tonight’s debate and foot-shooting. I hope you enjoy the debate as well!

  3. George S. Harris

    I thought you might take this up as a cause as you did with the Wally Covington affair–remember it is your tax dollars they are legally stealing to make themselves look good. Does that not bother you and other PWC bloggers on here? It sure does me to the point I have written to Paul Ebert asking him to investigate the conflict of interest with a view toward prosecution.


    1. I am on temporary haitus. I believe Elena is tackling that one. @ Geroge

  4. @Steve Thomas

    Now I am depressed. I feel the need to not stop supporting orgainizations like Planned Parenthood. My solution for conservatives would be to tell your kids not to go near the place.

    Unfortunately, not all kids have parents they can go to. Furthermore, PP has many clients/patients who are not kids. They are adults in need of services. Title X funding is for contraception.

    I can’t cite a situation where local schools have attempted to sexualize kids. I don’t think anything should be taught in schools except the approved FLE program. (at least in our area) I also hope they keep that silly abstainence only course out of the schools. Saying it is silly is a compliment. That is the kind of program that should be coming from parents, if you ask me…and that is if the parents want to do that.

    Steve, I think you sound like that pitchfork crew in the paragraph I am responding to. I know better than that. Neither schools or Planned Parenthood have anything to gain from offering sadicious material. Every Planned Parenthood I have dealt with stresses responsible sexual behavior.

    There will always be an outlier someplace. Its best to look at the norm.

    @Steve Thomas

  5. @Need to Know
    By all means leave rich people alone with their money.

    What is it going to take? The super pacs are already going to decide the outcome of this election.

    We the people is just growing dimmer and dimmer.

    I am still trying to figure out why all of you all are protecting the super rich. @NTK

  6. @Mom
    It sounds like the latest little cowboy is trying to wear too many hats. I can’t even process all that.

  7. @Need to Know

    I would have more respect for the whole deal if Jackson just came in there and said he wanted to develop the land, squish a few houses in and get rich.

    Why all the bs from them?

  8. @Steve Thomas

    PP is for men and women. The reaon people think women is because contraception usually falls on women.

    I know of no schools in this area that are promoting sex. In fact, I would say that the bigger problem comes from the parents who don’t supervise their kids behavior or what the the kids wear to school rather than the other way around.

    Pick up notes kids write if you want a real inside look at what is really going on. Trust me, the schools are quite innocent in 99 out of 100 cases.

  9. @Steve Thomas

    I have heard nothing about this, Steve. Do you have more information?

    I don’t mind kindergarteners learning that mother ducks have baby ducks and they hatch from baby duck eggs, which seems age appropriate to me. I think anything past that can wait.

  10. @Steve Thomas

    Me three if he vetoes the bill. Anything else really is unacceptable. No mandates.

  11. @George, I have taken up the reproductive causes to the point I can do no more.

    What is it else that you want me to do?

  12. Lafayette

    Nice to see the thread is open again!

    1. What do you mean thread is open? It has been open hasn’t it? @Lafayette

      What was it doing or not doing?

  13. George S. Harris

    Nothing I suppose. It seems that no one is interested in the BOCS legally stealing your tax dollars. I hope Caddigan, Jenkins and Nohe enjoy their steak dinner paid for by your tax dollars.

  14. Lafayette

    @George S. Harris
    I hope you’ve been following the conversations on discretionary funds on my FB wall. I know quite a few that are interested. The real question is how do we make this spending of our taxdollars end? Not to mention that we are the ONLY local jursidiction that has such a “slush fund”. The Committee of 100 panel last week was most informative and the audience had some excellent questions. I for one like to know why when discretionary funds are used that only the supervisors are mentioned, the taxpayers should be mentioned as well.

    1. Absolutely. @Lafayette.

      Every time a gift is offered up during supervisors meeting, the words should contain “on behalf of the people of Prince William County.” Taxpayers would also work.

  15. Steve Thomas



    My point all along has been it is incidents like the one originally cited, that provide enabling arguments to the particular opposition. Within any organization, there are those who want to push the envelope, or broaden the agenda. In the case cited, it was the NJ PP who sponsored the event, and booked a keynote speaker who chose to take a contraversial path. Is this representative of the entire group? No. However, my point (which was obviously lost on someone whose instinctive reaction was to spit and strike) was it is things like the NJ PP conference that inflames the conservative oppostion. To be fair, there have been analogous incidents which get connected with the Tea Party, that have folks like me saying “This does not serve the core issue of smaller government/fiscal conservatism”.

    1. Ah, the one bad apple theory. I think there has always been a core of folks out there with a real hatchet out for Planned Parenthood. I wish groups would think before booking controversial speakers. That situation was a perfect storm waiting to rain on someone. And it did.

      Sometimes all common sense leaves people. I actually think that is what has happened to the Virginia General Assembly. While I do not define myself as a liberal on all political issues–far from it in fact–I would define myself as a libertarian regarding reproductive political rights. I like the state out of people’s bedrooms. Use of the term liberal doesn’t offend me as a substitute. Cutting through all the labels, it all has to do with sexuality and how it is perceived. Perhaps I should be asking after all that has happened in the GA, can you see why the progressives…ah…good word…will fight every step of the way not to have these laws imposed upon them.

  16. Steve Thomas

    Moon-howler :@Steve Thomas
    Me three if he vetoes the bill. Anything else really is unacceptable. No mandates.


    If the ammendments the Governor requested are made, and the bill passes both houses, he will sign it. Before you get angry, read the ammended bill, and compare it to what is currently required by law. My understanding is a transabdominal ultrasound is already required by law to determine gestational age, prior to an abortion. The ammended bill restates this. Currently, the doctor does not have to ask the woman if she’d like to see the ultrasound images, nor is the doctor prohibited from asking. The new bill requires the doctor to ask if the woman would like to see it, but she can say “no”. Really, the ammended bill changes nothing.

  17. Steve Thomas

    @Censored bybvbl


    Simple math. The Dems have too many Senate seats to defend. They will lose. Senate races follow state-level trends, not national trends like a Presidential race. Because of the length of Senate terms, and the 1/3 cycle, flipping back Dem will take time.The GOP may lose a few seats in the House, but this was intentional. The remaining GOP seats, post-redistricting will be strongly GOP, and Democrat seats more strongly Democrat. There will be much stability in the numbers for the forseeable future. Only major demographic changes will cause shifts, and these are only measured every 10 years. Sorry, but winds are in your face. Like I said, Obama may sqeak out a win, but the GOP will control the Congress. His SCOTUS appointments will get “Borked”. His agenda will get stymied. I also predict he will eventually be impeached, as the only thing currently preventing the House from bringing articles of impeachment now, is they know the proceedings would fail in the Senate, and it would appear that this is being done for election purposes. If he gets reelected, and when the GOP controls the Senate, nothing prevents the House from moving forward.

    1. Borked and impeached? Is that what it has come down to? Actually, as I watched the 2 nights of Clinton and the vicious attacks I thought you could substitute Obama in there and it would fit. The hatred was equal to now. It started long before Clinton even took office.

      I Just don’t want to live my life that way. “I hate you so I will kill you off, regardless of what it does to the country” is politically immoral.

  18. Lafayette

    Thought of you yesterday. I saw the good ole golf carts cruzin’ the complex. The driver and the passenger saw me at the stop sign. I’m sure they knew why I was laughing as drove along solo. Funny thing was there was no “resident” on the back. hmmm. Maybe, they were on their way to a pick up someone in need of assistance. I must be fair.

    1. @Lafayette

      I hope you waved.

  19. Lafayette

    Moon-howler :What do you mean thread is open? It has been open hasn’t it? @Lafayette
    What was it doing or not doing?

    Sorry, that my sarcasm escapes you. Censored and Steve were very lively yesterday, that’s all.

  20. George S. Harris

    Yep. I think the way is probably a referendum item but no one seems to know how to make that happen. Apparently it falls to politicians to do it, so what is the likelihood? Probably nil.

  21. Steve Thomas


    I’m just looking at the battlefield and calling it how I see it unfolding.

    1. @Steve, better check those polls. The more the hounds of Hell in Richmond unleash, the more of the women’s vote the R’s will lose. I predict a Kaine win. Macaca is a has-been and he now will bear the taint of Bob Marshall and his Taliban-like ilk.

  22. Lafayette

    Moon-howler :@Lafayette
    I hope you waved.

    I certainly did return their wave. 🙂

  23. Steve Thomas


    You are making the mistake of projecting what is happening locally, to what is going on in the rest of the states. Dems have 37 “safe or not up for reelection” R’s have 42 “safe or not up”Advantage 5 to the R’s. VA is a toss-up, but the GOP can lose the VA race and still take the senate. Nelson (D) will lose in FL. Brown (R) will most likely lose in MA. Stabenow (D) will have a hard fight in MI but will most likely win. McCaskill (D) will lose in MO and Tester (D) will lose in MT. VA (D) and WI (D) are toss ups. But here’s were the real pain comes: NE and ND, both currently held by D’s are open and both are slam-dunk to go R. Seats the GOP have to defend? Snow in ME and an open seat in AZ. Think ME will toss out Snow? Think AZ will go D? Won’t happen. Seats the D’s have to defend: CT, HI (likely D), NM and OH (one or both will likely go R). You were a career math teacher. What does this math say?

    1. @Steve,

      Lots can happen between now and then. No bets. I believe the problem is going into an election with express purpose not to cooperate and to stonewall someone, rather than seeking solutions to make a better country. That’s the problem and why more and more Indiependents are turning their backs on the R party.

      Remember that the Congress has a 10% approval rating. Borking, stonewalling and obstructing puts the nation at risk. Who really wants that?

      Your problem will continue to be the Independents. You can’t do it alone.

  24. @George S. Harris

    I don’t see a problem with the steak dinner for boys and girls club. I have a problem with discretionary funds. The steak n stake dinner is one of the least objectionable donations. The Prince William Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington is worthwhile and as long as we have discretionary funds, I won’t bitch if the supervisors donate to it.

    At leat it isn’t $100k. Meanwhile, there needs to be more accountability with discretionary funds starting with all donations need to be made in the name of the taxpayers rather than in the name of the supervisor.

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