This video went viral and has been on every news show for the past 24 hours.

The kid and his parents were just on Morning Joe  and he was still being an insufferable BRAT.  He talked over his parents, whined, and had to be the center of attention.  Someone has obviously told him that he is cute.  He wasn’t. 

In one of the videos I saw last night, the mother admitted that he had been crying before the baseball was thrown up to the stands.  The kid is a spoiled brat of the 12th magnitude.  He should not have gotten the baseball.  

No, the couple who kept the softball they caught should not have given it up for that kid who is 3.  People wonder why kids  are such monsters?  Take a look.  His parents were just as clueless this morning.  It was pathetic to see these two goofy adults being controlled by some little 3 year old who has obviously learned that he can get his own way by crying and being a pain in the tail.

Ok, well maybe the father was trying…. 

And while I am on the high horse, someone needs to tell Joe Scarborough that the word he is mangling is ET-cetera not EK-cetera.   ARRRRRGGHHH  Rough morning.


3 Thoughts to “No, you can’t have the baseball, BRAT!”

  1. Peterson

    Poor kid, as a father of a 3 year old I know what it could be like when the little one wants something. Calling this little guy a ‘monster’ is a bit harsh, no?

    1. Probably a little rough, Peterson. It was a rough morning and that kid was out of control. My kids are grown now but the gkids aren’t and they can howl real loudly.

      It’s our job though to not give in to all demands.

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