Paul Ryan Rejects Ayn Rand…well sorta

Catholics United has called Paul Ryan on the carpet for his admiration of Ayn Rand. Rand, an atheist, is touted by many conservatives and libertarians as the quintessential capitalist.

Ayn taught the value of self over all other values. She  considered anything less than  regaling the individual   close to slavery.  Catholics United reminded Ryan of the teachings of Christ and he backed off the Rand worship.  Larry O’Donnell plays a tape that seals the deal between atheist Rand and Ryan.  It establishes his close relationship to the movement that has grown out of her philosophy. 

Can people walk themselves back from commitments like this?  Is it possible to greatly admire individuals whose core values are different from ours?  Is it possible to espouse far-right (for lack of a better term) capitalism and practice the major tenants of Christianity or Judaism who tell us that we are our brother’s keeper?