Peter Candland is on the right track!

Discretionary funds have been the topic of conversation ever since Wally wanted to give 100 grand to Rainbow Riding.   Peter Candland found himself in the spotlight again, but this time, Moonhowlings can tell him “good job!”

Supervisor Candland has proposed elimating disrectionary funds.

On Tuesday, Candland presented the Board of County Supervisors with a rough draft of a resolution that would move their  donations to private entities or nonprofits into the annual budget process. Candland’s resolution is tentatively scheduled for more discussion at the board’s June 5 meeting.

Donations to schools would be excluded from this procedural change, said Candland. The Gainesville supervisor would also like to discuss what to do with annual funding carried over by some supervisors for future projects.

“We should be like other localities and handle this in the normal budget process,” Candland said.

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