Rolling Thunder was born out of the Vietnam War, more like a vengeful, loud phoenix arising from the ashes of what was never going to be shame. They would not allow it.

A lone marine pays respect to those earlier fallen buddies and to those who ride in memory and honor.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Rolling Thunder.  One does not have to be a veteran to be a member of Rolling thunder.  All members are united in the cause to bring full accountability for Prisoners Of War (POW) and Missing In Action (MIA) of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by our watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”  (from RT website)

Some Rolling thunder History

Rolling Thunder participants  will assemble at the Pentagon and ride their motorcycles across the Arlington Memorial Bridge, down Constitution Avenue towards the Capitol Building, turn at 3rd Street and again at Independence Avenue proceeding around the National Mall and ending near the Lincoln Memorial.   Best view sites are on Memorial Bridge and along Constitution Avenue.  Rolling thunder leaves the Pentagon at noon.



14 Thoughts to “Rolling Thunder”

  1. I wonder if Sarah Palin will come to town to try to upstage this event like she did last year? I hope not. I am glad to see she got her come-uppings.

    Say what you want about Mitt Romney. He at least has some class. (as does John McCain-he just made a stategic error in judgement)

  2. Chris

    For the first time The Marine Corps Musuem is a gathering/starting point to ride to the Pentagon. I heard my neighbor behind me, roll out at 6:15am.

    1. Someone rolled out from Jamestown around 7.

      I didn’t realize Quanitico was the new gathering place. Will you be headed north, Chris? I am thinking about it.

  3. Elena

    One day I will see Rolling Thunder.

  4. Go get on I-66. You will see them.

  5. Second Alamo

    Go to and click on the camera at the 395 symbol south of the Pentagon to see the bikes gathering.

    1. Thanks, SA. I am thinking that might just save me a trip.

  6. I’m planning to apply to the Patriot Guard Riders, as soon as I can make my truck look better. Needs some paint. You don’t need to be a biker. They say they need support vehicles and like to have a car or truck behind the bikes as protection.

  7. Vehicles running into them during the parade if they stop suddenly.

  8. Red Dawn

    I saw many bikers gathered in Crystal City when I picked up my daughter yesterday from Regan National.

  9. @Cargosquid

    I don’t know why vehicles should even be out there during rolling thunder. The roads are closed.

    Ride with them on a motorcycle.

  10. PARADE vehicles. Parade vehicles have been know to hit motorcycles. So, they like to have something solid behind them. AND a truck can carry any supplies.

    I can’t get a motorcycle. 1) I know my limitations. 2) My wife works for the organ donor network. Bikers are big donors…….

    1. That makes sense. I left you a message above that I saw a bunch of trucks tooling along the route. Get all spiffed up!!

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