Someone slipped my email account that I use on the blog (the yahoo one) a nasty.  I don’t know if it is a worm/trojanhorse or what.  Just don’t open anything from my yahoo account.  It will say it is from Moon and the subject is just re:

If  it  is opened, the email is about making 17k at home per month.  It didn’t look suspicious when I first got it because of who sent it.  Anyway….Don’t open it.  It is a nasty.

If you know how to knock out these things, please leave me a message.  I am putting up a different account to use to contact me….see contact us.  gmail account.


Thanks and sorry.  I hope I haven’t spread the nasty.


11 Thoughts to “GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Email from me-spreading the nasty”

  1. When you say nasty, do you mean a virus?

    All I saw was spam.

    My first thought was it was from you, but, upon opening, remembered that your email came from a different source and that I didn’t get email from “Moon.”


    1. Well, I am not sending it. Spam yes, but wha/whot is sending it? I would say worm or trojan horse.

      I saw a bunch of trucks on the news going along with the cycles. I don’t know why but they looked very comfortable. :mrgreen:

  2. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Yeah, I got one yesterday and one this morning. No biggie…get that stuff all the time. I’d rather have that than the religious emails certain members of my family send….three or four a day.

    1. I had to put a few friends on reject over that stuff too Slow.

      I just didn’t want to be sending someone a virus. Someone I used to work with sent the first one to me. I was on the phone with Elena who started screaming innoculations! After that, I had a mailbox full of the crap. I changed the password and put up a gmail address for general blog stuff. For those of you who have my real email, Please use that.

  3. Second Alamo

    Too late, but then I’m running OSX! Gee, and I was so hoping to be making millions by the end of the year ; )

    1. I have to ask…what is OSX?

  4. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Apple’s Operating System. They have cool cat-related code names. I’m running Lion, thinking of moving to Mountain Lion, DP3

    1. That doesn’t help much now. Apple laptops are foe rich people. Poor here.

  5. marinm

    Funny thing is that email is really obvious that it’s a baddie but my brain was on autopilot reading emails and I clicked it. Thankfully with iOS (iPhone) no damage. It may have tried to grab my email address but I was too busy this weekend to check outbound emails OR check the device for an errant cookie.

  6. SlowpokeRodriguez

    I have a MacBook Air and an iPad 3…..I am the 1%.

    1. But how many do you have? @ slowie

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