What is the Tea Party Fund?  According to their website:

The Tea Party Fund is a SUPER PAC working to develop a grassroots army to fight the left in 2012. Our core goals include the defeat of Barack Obama and success in 7 out of 10 targeted Senate seats.

Why do we care?   This fellow had a profile spot on the website. 

From insidenova.com:

The FBI took down an alleged white supremacist in the parking lot of the Bull Run Plaza shopping center Tuesday after they say he paid an undercover agent to illegally modify his AK-47 assault rifle.

Douglas Howard Story, 48, of Manassas is charged with making a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act and is accused of making threats online to the president and others, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Peter Carr said.

A confidential informant told the FBI he read online in August 2011 that Story – a Virginia Department of Transportation employee — planned on buying and modifying an AK-47 to be automatic, according to a U.S. District Court arrest affidavit.

Authorities determined Story told a confidential informant he planned on ambushing and murdering any law enforcement officer that stopped him on the street should martial law be enacted in the U.S., the affidavit said.

The complaint said the man also, while under the screen name “Confederate Brother” on several white supremacy website forums, wrote about various scenarios which included potential assassinations of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder—noting he desired to have both removed from office “with a 30.06.”

The informant obtained Story’s home phone number and was asked by the man to either sell him a modified fully-automatic AK-47 or to help him with illegally converting an AK-47 gun he already owned to be automatic, the affidavit said.
Story met the informant in the parking lot at a Chantilly restaurant on April 5 at 2:25 p.m. where he again asked help in modifying his machine gun, the documents said.

Story had some lame story concocted about hitting his head in a motorcycle accident if he got caught.  Tea Party types, get this creep out of my town.  This take down happened very close to where I live.   How embarrassing for the Tea Party.  Of course, they will say he wasn’t one of them since there is no formal head of the tea party.  Ok, I get it.  Pardon me while I still hold you responsible despite protests.  Surely he seemed odd to you with that license plate?  Those kinds rarely go around quietly.  They make lots of LOOK AT ME noises. 

So is a white supremacist a racist?  This guy is a creep.  If he goes to prison there will be a club for him, I am told.  To make matters worse, he was a VDOT employee.  Now someone knew…..Just sayin’…

Perhaps a better title might be, Who is the Tea Party Fund. 

See full story at insidenova.com.


33 Thoughts to “What is the Tea Party Fund?”

  1. Emma

    We’ll be sure to vet all left-wing groups with the same level of scrutiny, too. Bet we find a few outliers there, too.

  2. Second Alamo

    Yeah, and the left has the New Black Panther Party, so what. There are extreme nuts on both sides of the political spectrum. Remember how everyone use to complain about characterizing an entire ethnic group of people (Latinos) over one or two incidents back in 2007, well the same goes here. How about we bring up the fact that there has never been a violent act carried out by the Tea Party. Present day acts of violence isn’t typical of a group of middle age, and middle income predominantly white people. (and don’t make it racist because they are predominantly white) Don’t forget that most non-whites are Democrats.

  3. SlowpokeRodriguez

    I see you ask the question: “Is a white supremacist a racist?” Well, that’s not cut-and-dry at all, now, is it? Let me think on that a while and I’ll get back to you.

    1. No, it isn’t quite a yes or no anwer now is it?

  4. SlowpokeRodriguez

    I would say it’s fair to hold us all responsible for this guy. God knows we hold you directly responsible for each and every “Occupy” thing that happens. Now if you’ll excuse me, my stomach hurts…I have to go find a police car!

  5. Help yourself. Let me know what you find. Probably the ghost of that Ayres dude.

    Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? You would also think that someone with VDOT know something. Apparently his truck was covered with bumper stickers swearing hate of Obama and love of all sorts of other things. His wife excused his behavior and said he was harmless–just a 50 year old who thought he was 15.

    I am so reassured hearing that. I think what I am saying is……he was pretty brazen about who he was and his beliefs. (see website)

    Why don’t people get thrown out who espouse stuff like that?

  6. SA, the left has always had the black panthers and now the new black panthers. This isnt about left and right. This is about specific groups.

    I didn’t say the Right had this guy. It looks like the Tea Party owns this one. How embarrassing. It happens to the best of groups. (right Chris? snicker. insider joke)

    Some people are sneaky and you don’t know they are out there. This guy was NOT sneaky. I sort of blame the state of Virginia more than I do the Tea Party. Why is some swine like this driving his truck to a VDOT location. Someone …lots of someone’s saw him. Why was this allowed?

    I bet if I drove my car to my last place of employment saying I was going to kill the president, someone might have taken exception.

  7. Slowie, are you a tea party person? This particular branch?

    That’s my problem. TTP are slick. Nothing sticks because there is no head, no real organization, just a loose framework of similar ideas. That’s pretty slick. You can always claim not on your watch.

  8. Slow, why do i get to hold the Occupied organization? Because I am not a right wing nutjob I get to be blamed for Occupied? Ok. Whatever,

  9. SlowpokeRodriguez

    I’m somewhere to the right of the Tea Party. I refer to it as “moderate”

    1. So do you want the missile shield up in Poland? Who pays for it?

  10. Chris

    Moon said…”It happens to the best of groups. (right Chris? snicker. insider joke)”
    Indeed, it does! Let’s not forget while we’re at it….”perception is reality” 👿

    1. That was one perception I didnt want the reality of….bwaaalalalalaalalaa

      To-NEE To-NEE

  11. Elena

    I remember reading about this story way back. Glad they caught the guy before a tragedy occured.

  12. Elena

    By “this story” I mean the license plate hooplah back in 2010.

  13. marinm

    SlowpokeRodriguez :I’m somewhere to the right of the Tea Party. I refer to it as “moderate”

    Amen brother.

  14. By the way, your link no worky.

    So, this guy joins a superpac with a couple of thousand people and you hold the Tea Party responsible? Even if he joined a LOCAL group, with a leader, if his actions aren’t known….you hold that GROUP responsible? I disagree that we hold the Democrats responsible for the OCCUPY actions. What we do is hold Democrat that EXPRESS SUPPORT for the Occupy movement accountable for their support. If you can find a Tea Party group that supports this man’s actions and beliefs, THEN its time to hold that group responsible.

    So, no it was not embarrassing for the Tea Party. Every group has criminals and nutcases. However, unlike many Democrat groups, when we DO notice such people, most Tea Party groups police themselves and make those people feel unwelcome. We don’t put them on MSNBC and give them a TV show. Did this idiot actually belong to a local group or just the Fund?

    Here’s a sad part. A fully automatic AK-47 is actually less dangerous than a semi-automatic. One is more accurate with a semi.

    And the journalists still refuse to learn anything about guns:” Officials said in the affidavit the gun was loaded with .223/762 ammunition.” What in the heck is .223/762 ammunition? Ak’s are loaded with 7.62 mm ammo.

    1. In his case, yes, very much so. He was very outgoing in letting others know his political beliefs, from his posts on THEIR website to his truck plastered in bumper stickers.

      You need to throw out people who don’t meet your standards.

  15. Of course, I believe its the people that DON’T spout off or try to be involved in politics that we actually have to worry about. People that have given up on politics are the ones that will think that shooting is the next resort. Or just crazy.

  16. marinm

    Cargo, you missed this.

    “Story met the informant in the parking lot at a Chantilly restaurant on April 5 at 2:25 p.m. where he again asked help in modifying his machine gun, the documents said.”

    If he already had a machine gun he wouldn’t need help modifying it to become a machine gun. Geez.

    On the upside I found out that a few of my coworkers have guns and a govie we work for also is a gun guy. Probably will do a lead lunch in the future @ Stafford. Female coworker has never touched a gun so we’re bringing out the arsenal so she can try whatever she wants. 🙂

  17. I just read the affidavit. I apologize to the journalists. The COPS said .223/762. Morons.

    Also, what moron sets up an AK as a “sniper rifle” with a “skeletonized sniper stock” (whatever that is), a grip pod bipod (again WTF) and “a decent hunting scope?” An AK? Really? And THEN wants it to be automatic? Mall ninja moron. This guy is a complete idiot.

    As for “throwing him out,” that would depend upon how he “interacted.” That would depend on “his” group. But, on that note…. when is the Democrat party going to throw out Al Sharpton? Or for that matter….Eric Holder?

  18. The other sad note is one can get a LEGAL automatic weapon in this country by paying a $200 tax. The GUNS are expensive, though.

  19. Oops. Please note, its not sad that you can get it. Personally, I think that they need to repeal the gun control acts of 1856 and 1934

    Its sad that he was willing to go to jail to get a mod done. You can find the info on how to do it yourself here: http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/unclero/books/AK47_Full_Auto_Conversion_for_Dummies.pdf

    Google is your friend.


    But he wouldn’t have to talk to undercover agents. Like I said….he’s an idiot.

  20. Cargo, I believe the organization took their website down. The link worked last night.
    Can’t say I blame them.

  21. 1856 AAARGH 1986 I mean!

  22. @Cargosquid

    Probably when the Republican party throws out Rick Perry. We aren’t talking major political party here.

    We are talking tea party which doesn’t even have a boss. That is why it is so important to groups to police their own. He was vocal on the website.

    I figured you all would start going for the technicals.

  23. Why would the GOP need to throw out Rick? What has he said or done that warrants that?

    As for the any local Tea Party group that has the idiot showing up, I agree. They need to tell him he’s not welcome. Of course, we don’t have any evidence that they didn’t. He’s on a superpac website that you can join online and upload a picture to.

    I found the site by Google. http://teapartyfund.net/

    Your link was *ttp://www.http.com//teapartyfund.net/profile/DouglasStory

    I put a * in there to prevent moderation

  24. Why do you assume that Rick Perry is better than Al Sharpton?

    I don’t believe political parties throw folks out at the national level.

  25. @Moon-howler
    Um, because Rick Perry doesn’t incite riots or race bait. He doesn’t facilitate fraud against the police, ie Tawana Brawley.

    So why did you pick Rick Perry?

    1. You are assuming Team Cargo is 100% on the side of the truth. I am not sure you can make that assumption, 25 years later in the case of Brawley.

      Sharpton has a lot of followers. He is seen as being very strong on justice and righting wrongs.

      Was he or was he not instrumental in at least getting the Treyvon Martin case into the legal system? He didn’t ask for Zimmerman to be convicted, just tried.

  26. Perry is someone who liberals see as a raging fool.

    There are plenty of people who would deny that Al Sharpon did any of those things. Some of those same people might be able to come up with sources who accused MLK of doing the same thing. Well, not Tawana Brawley specifically but you understand what I am saying.

    Brawley was an abused child. Al was the man who fought the system. The case is a quarter of a century old. The same folks still pretty much claim the same thing. Its a he said/she said. I expect somewhere in the middle is the truth. Sharpton defended his peeps. That’s what he does. I think he is far more mature than he was 25 years ago.

  27. Sharpton was instrumental in trying to get Martin killed and inciting racial tensions. He was instrumental in jumping to conclusions. He was instrumental in having the DA file charges that probably won’t fly instead of using a grand jury.

    The Brawley case was proven to be a hoax. The Crown Heights riots were exacerbated by Sharpton’s incitement. He’s known for supporting anti-semites.


    Perry may be a fool but he doesn’t support bigots and incite riots.

    1. He was not! That is simply not true. He didn’t jump to any conclusions. He asked for an investigation. He demanded one.

      Let’s not try to spin this. I paid very close attention.

      I am not going to argue a 25 year old case. She was an abused child. I personally believe lies and confabulations were told on both sides but who remembers.

      NO one is asking you to like Sharpton. He is a black activist. That is what he does. However please do not accuse him of trying to get Zimmerman killed or inciting racial tensions. The situation incited racial tensions, understandably. I am assuming you misspoke re Martin.

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