Who is Senator Ralph Northam? I kept getting email from this dude saying he was running for Lt. Governor. I ignored him. Geezz. I just got over one election. This guy is persistent so this morning I looked him up. He is my new Virginia hero. (sorry Corey and Ken.) Senator Northam is the junior senator from Norfolk who busted up the notion that ultra-sound was just another walk in the park.

Senator Northam grilled the ultrasound bill’s author, Senator Vogel of Fauquier County until she had to admit she really didnt know about those ultra sounds–the very bill she had introduced for every woman seeking an abortion in Virginia.

Senator Ralph Northam is now running as a Democrat for Lt. Governor. I expect he will definitely get my vote, just for the grilling he gave Jill Vogel.

14 Thoughts to “Who is Senator Ralph Northam?”

  1. Emma

    There really should be no caveats on Constitutional rights, right? You either have a right or you don’t.

    1. I can’t think of a single constitutional right that doesn’t have caveats.

      Which one were you thinking of?

  2. Lyssa

    I hope we keep the caveats on free speech, protest and assembly, non enumerated rights, search and seizure, due process, bail and fines. Heck slavery has a caveat – unless a prisoner or something like tha…….as was mentioned somewhere, there’s a moral imperative to all freedoms.

  3. punchak

    Had the good fortune to meet Sen. Northam at a political “do” last month. Made a very good impression. A Virginia Military Institute grad, served in the US Army1984-92.
    Profession: pediatric neurologist. He was well spoken and easy to talk to. The kind of person I’d like to see as LG.

    I hope he’ll get a lot of publicity.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Whew. That’s painful to watch – Vogel was in way over her head.

  5. Were you all able to see the video?

    I am having trouble with my IE browser.I honestly cannot think of any right that is without limits. Is there one?

  6. Censored bybvbl

    I can see it using Sarafi. Usually Firefox will work when IE fails.

    1. Can you see it at all with IE? I am trying to determine if it is me or everyone.

      I can see it with foxfire and Chrome, just not IE.

  7. I’m impressed. Thanks for putting him on my radar.

    1. I was impressed also, Al. I kept wondering who the guy was. Glad I looked. He was all over Vogel, pointing out her lack of knowledge about a very serious subject.

  8. Lyssa

    Yes, the video worked fine. I like his style. Have to find out a bit more…

    1. I saw it when it happened., re Northam. I didn’t remember his name. I was VERY impressed. Vogel got hung out to dry and she deserved to be.

      I still think that the transvaginal fits Va’s definition of rape. These lawmakers continually make laws that just dont fit the situation. ex. the 150 minutes of PE. Great on paper. Not so good if you are in VA without a gym. Doh! [slaps forehead]

      Bob Marshall wont get far saying that fertilized eggs in a petrie dish have equal rights with kids and grown women. He keeps trying. Most of us simply don’t believe that.

  9. Scout

    She sure strolled right into what was a fairly obvious trap, didn’t she.

    It’s nice to have someone in office in Virginia who has skills in areas other than wanting to hold political office. There are too many officials who are in politics because they have no competence in any other area. Not enough who have succeeded and achieved in another line of work, but who decide to give time and resources to public service.

    1. She was doing the dance of the dead cockroach fairly quickly.

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