Grover Norquist: everyone’s a winner?

A tweet from Grover Norquist:


Grover Norquist


The Bush tax cuts lapsed at midnight last night. Every R voting for Senate bill is cutting taxes and keeping his/her pledge.


Oh dear God!  After all this.  Give me a break.  This guy can turn anything into a win.

Is this not the zenith of hypocrisy?  Where are the ATTA BOYS?  What are the details of the new deal that has been passed?

Where are capital gains and dividends?  Any details, folks?

Some stats from

The measure, brought to the House floor less than 24 hours after its passage in the Senate, was approved 257 to 167, with 85 Republicans joining 172 Democrats in voting to allow income taxes to rise for the first time in two decades, in this case for the highest-earning Americans. Voting no were 151 Republicans and 16 Democrats.

The middle class fights back…and wins Happy 2013

Biden and McConnell worked it out.  They are both colleagues from the Senate with a long history between them.  Whatever they wrangled out, passed the Senate in the wee hours of the morning, with only 8 nay notes.  Presumably, the middle class won, since taxes won’t be raised on those making less than $450,000 per year.

So what does the middle class mean?  Who are they?  It seems like EVERYone who makes less than $450K  is middle class.  What do those making $40k a year have in common with someone make $200k a year?  Not much at all.  I am not even sure they speak the same language.  How about the poor?  Where do they fit in to the mix?  Have we gotten too delicate to even mention the poor?

Would we be better off if we drew some distinctions about who we are really talking about?   What ever happened to the term lower middle class?  How about upper middle class?  Are these terms simply economic terms or do they imply more?   Maybe we should just get rid of the word “class” since it takes on a distinction sort of like crossing the Atlantic in “steerage” and choose some other noun?

Until we as Americans can agree on how we fit into economic niches, it is going to be difficult to clearly represent ourselves.    It’s pretty difficult to howl about the middle class when one day it goes from being $0.00 to $250k and the next day it goes from being $0.00 to %450K.

Let’s start working with some real finite figures as we define ourselves and others economically.