Gov. Christie gets a little relief–darn little!

sandy relief

Congress has approved $9.7 billion in new aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy, with a face-
saving quick move by the House taken three days after Speaker John A. Boehner earned scathing criticism from New York and New Jersey Republicans for canceling a late-night vote on the funds.

The bill, which will allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay out claims to those who held federal flood insurance, was approved in the House on a 354 to 67 vote. After the House action, the Senate also adopted the bill in a quick unanimous voice vote, sending it to President Obama.

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Downton Abbey….indulge us

Did you miss season one and two to Downton Abbey?  Don’t feel like an outcast.  You can catch up.  Remember when you couldn’t communicate with some of us during Big Love?  Well, same goes for Downton Abbey.  Oh and yes, is is NOT DownTOWN Abbey. Season 3 of Downton Abbey begins Sunday night at 9 pm on channel 26. (PBS)

Here is a concise catch up so you know whose who and what’s been going on at Downton Abbey:

Watch Downton Abbey: Official Seasons 1 & 2 Recap on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

McDonnell proposes letter grades for schools


Richmond Times Dispatch:

Students receive a letter grade on their report cards and so, too, would their public school under a proposal Gov. Bob McDonnell unveiled Thursday as part of the next phase of his K-12 education legislative agenda.

Each school would be assigned a grade, A-F, which McDonnell’s office contends would help parents and others to fully understand how their child’s school is performing.

Oh dear God, when will the politicians stay out of education!  Surely Gov. Ultra-sound didn’t think this one up all by himself.  Let’s take a careful look at what would happen if the good governor gets his way.

First off, who decides the grade?  Will there be a list of objects the school is to master?  Will it be based on SOL scores?  Hasn’t there been enough stress on SOL scores already?  What will be done to ensure that schools with high populations of minority students, ESL students, economically disadvantaged students, and special ed students aren’t the schools making the D’s and F’s?

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