This is how normal should look: Prospects for 2013 General Assembly

I am such a home-girl. The following email came from Delegate David Toscano as an update before the General Assembly convened. it was informative. It told Virginians what was on board for the upcoming session and had no guns and personhood bills on it. I hope the prospects for this year will include things that make us healthier, wealither and wise. Please spare us from any more political agendas.

More than anything, I wish *I* had gotten a letter like this from MY delegate. Neither Mr. Marshall or Mr. Jackson seem willing to just be normal Virginians.




Prospects for the 2013 General Assembly

January 5, 2013

On Monday, January 7, 2013, I arrive in Richmond for my eighth General Assembly Session, my second as Democratic Leader in the House.

Each General Assembly session takes on a special character and tone and this one will be no different. Last year’s session garnered national headlines as Republicans pushed socially divisive legislation, including a bill to force women to have an invasive ultrasound procedure before terminating a pregnancy, and numerous bills that made it more difficult for Virginia citizens to exercise their right to vote. We are less likely to see similar legislation this session, but until the bills are introduced, it’s an unknown. Below is a list of issues that you are likely to read about in the coming months:

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