Alex Jones rants on like a crazy man. Rarely have I seen a person make such an ass of himself.

Alex Jones argues using the same old tired rhetoric. His hysteria makes me wonder if he shouldn’t be the poster child for someone who shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun.

Alex Jones must believe in the shot gun method of debate. Fire in all directions and see what you hit.

Gun enthusiasts and hobbyists, is this man who you want representing your cause? He is frightening.

(Alex Jones is also a truther.)

24 Thoughts to “Piers Morgan interviews Alex Jones….sorta”

  1. BSinVA

    One part of our society argues that our killing each other, regardless of the weapon of choice, is natural and inevitable (survival of the fittest, law of the jungle, etc.). The other part argues that our killing each other needs to stop. Our species’ march toward civilization is characterized by countering the laws of the jungle such as the biggest or strongest male having the choice of mating partners. We are not yet done with this march. We are, as a species, fresh out of our caves and still have the instincts of an endangered species that must be afraid of predators including the tribes across the river and we still have the instincts of predators ourselves. What we need to strive toward is a civilization that has completely conquered our individual fears and where we can lead safe and caring and productive lives. The possession of any weapons is an indicator that we have a long way to go.

  2. He doesn’t “represent” anyone other than himself unless people choose him to represent them. If he appears on TV, its to promote himself and those that like him.

    Infowars is a conspiracy site that, sometimes, actually gets some things right. Some. He likes to stir things up and cause trouble.

    Morgan was very smart in putting him on camera because he rants without focus.

  3. middleman

    Alex Jones should definitely be made the head of the Tea Party. I can’t imagine a better representative who more accurately encapsulates that movement.

  4. @middleman
    Well, everyone should have an opinion.

  5. blue

    Best line: the 2nd Amendment was not included in the Constitution to protect duck hunters.

  6. Moon,

    Here’s the take from a “right wing site” and a gun site.

    At the time of this linking, the comments tend to be against Jones for a variety of reasons. They are not in support of Morgan, however. So…Jones does NOT appear to be representative, no matter what ill informed opinion middleman has.

    1. The post-cnn interview is quite illuminating. This guy is a liar and totally wacko.

      Bloomberg is mafia? I guess he has his ethnicities mixed up.

      So this guy is a big media figure. He has over 100 stations out there. 104k signatures…someone is boosting him up.

  7. @Cargosquid

    He started the 104,000 signature petition. Obviously he represents a point of view since he found that many jerks to sign his petition.

  8. I guess gun hobbyists feel about him the way Republicans felt about that dude who told “the girls” to put aspirin between their knees or Akin on the subject of rape.

    Unfotunately, these types tend to attract quite a following until they have diarrhea of the mouth in public and the following sees just how unacceptable the person really is. (hopefully)

  9. @Moon-howler
    Oh, he has quite a web presence. But he got the signatures because the press kept reporting about the petition. Once that hit Drudge, it took off. And Morgan is irritating so people thought, “Why not?” No one expects it to go anywhere. Jones is a conspiracy nutjob. He’s only right like a broken clock.

    His following is quite small actually. His biggest attraction is when he gets into conflict with the TSA.

    1. 100k here, 100k there, it all adds up. Where was Nugent in all of this, speaking of people I love to hate?

  10. punchak

    I seldom watch Morgan, but happened to slide in there while surfing.
    This Jones person acted like he was on something. I thought he was going to throttle Piers at times. He’d rise from his chair, his index finger aimed at Pier’s eye. I thought: OMG, this is going to end in a killing.
    Best thing was when Piers let the guy run on and on, proving his lack of sanity.

    1. @punchak

      he really did act like he was certifiable or on PCP.

  11. @Moon-howler
    Probably out hunting dinner.

    And now you know why conservatives are NOT Alex Jones fans.

  12. Alex Jones is what the left mistakenly likes to think Glenn Beck is.

    Everything that Beck is accused of, Jones does and thinks.

    1. Lots of other people than just those on the left think that Glen Beck is an A-hole. I am one of those. Remember, I watched him a lot. I have seen Beck act almost that bad. Almost being the key word.

      How do you think Beck is different? (not necessarily on the topic of guns)

      Speaking of which…I need to say something here…..there is this misperception that those who want some reasonable gun safety laws are anti gun. That is not ture. Plenty of gun owners feel things have gotten out of hand and that no one has an absolute right to own any weapon they want.

      We are tired of the Gun Hobbyists turning this into a binary problem. There are pleny of folks who feel that there needs to be moderation.

      I understand why people are opposed to abortion being totally ok up until the moment of birth. Absolutely. the question of abortion rights is not a binary problem and there are all sorts of caveats involved. The same should be true of gun safety legislation.

  13. Scout

    That was amazing. Made Archie Bunker look like a sage.

  14. Starryflights

    Scary freaks like Alex Jones represent gun owners whether willingly or not.

  15. Lady Emma

    @Starryflights Thanks for demonstrating binary thinking at its finest.

  16. middleman

    Cargosquid :
    Alex Jones is what the left mistakenly likes to think Glenn Beck is.
    Everything that Beck is accused of, Jones does and thinks.

    Nice try, Cargo. Beck is actually worse than Jones- here’s some of Beck’s more egregious quotes:

    1. I really enjoyed Stephen King’s remark about Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother. What a funny quip.

  17. Scout

    Jones seems louder, ruder and more of a vulgarian than Beck. I’m not sure that I see much of a substantive difference in the quality of their thought.

    1. He is but Beck ran a close second when he first started out. He got better. I think Fox forced him to become sub-human.

  18. @Moon-howler
    The things that Jones believes and profess are not the same as Beck’s. That’s what I mean.
    Beck is not a Birther, Truther, or FEMA camp conspirator.

    Yes. Those are stupid. And some of them were quite funny when he said them…since sarcasm doesn’t translate in the written word.

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