Don’t step on your nose, Corey

From the State of the County Address (Corey Stewart):

We invested in our teachers and public servants. We provided the revenues the Schools needed to increase teacher pay and remain competitive, and we provided County staff a merit increase for the first time in four years.

When Corey?  last year?  This year, The upcoming year?

That is a blatant lie.  You have not invested in the Prince William County teachers.  Every year they come to the BOCS and ask for money.  Their chief concern has been about class size.  They asked the Supervisors to  set the tax rate at a few cents more.  That was not done.

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Rape quagmire…..Republican men keep stepping in it

Rep. Phil Gingrey’s attempts to explain Todd Akin’s rape remarks are leaving  many Republicans beyond frustrated that a few in their party can’t help but  insert rape into the already contentious abortion debate.

“This is actually pretty simple. If you’re about to talk about rape as  anything other than a brutal and horrible crime, stop,” said Republican  strategist Kevin Madden, who was a senior adviser in Mitt Romney’s campaign.

On Thursday, the Georgia Republican didn’t heed that advice, telling a local Chamber of Commerce  breakfast that Akin was “partially right” when he said last year that a  woman can stop herself from getting pregnant.

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