Edgar May, Vermont Senator, The Embodiment of a True Statesman

Edgar May
Edgar May

June 27 1929 – December 27,2012

Edgar May, he was the rarest of politicians.  He never hungered to be more than a state representative or to help those who he felt were the  voiceless in our society.  He was a pragmatist, working across the aisle in order to get the job done, he was magical in his way of bringing people together to solve a problem.  He was a true Kennedy progressive and I feel his loss personally, he was my dear godfather.

I wanted to share his story because for me, he is a symbol of everything in American that is possible, that is good, that is right.

He escaped on the last boat out of Switzerland in 1940 with his younger sister (Madeleine Kunin, she would later become the first woman Governor of Vermont) and his widowed mother.  You see, they were Jews, escaping the horror of the Nazis.  Most of Edgar’s French relatives perished in the Holocaust, even his favorite uncle who has served as a father figure.
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