Evil gay judge is now numero uno with GOP



Eight months ago, the House rejected Thorne-Begland for a General District Court judgeship in Richmond. Conservatives contended that the city prosecutor was unfit for the bench because years earlier, as a Navy pilot, he had challenge the military’s now-defunct “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays and lesbians in the armed forces.

About a month later, Thorne-Begland won an interim appointment from Richmond Circuit Court judges, who have the authority to fill vacancies on a temporary basis. Without approval from the General Assembly, his appointment will expire next month.

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As the nose grows…..State of the County

Parsing the state of the county might take a month. What stands out could be Corey welcoming each and every county newcomer. Is this Mr.Corey “Anti-immigration” Stewart? Has Corey had a frontal lobotomy? Is he now welcoming the dreaded illegal alien? My how things have changed.

Our Tax bills are 7% less than they were in 2007? My house is worth 30% less. Shouldn’t those two percents be a little closer?

Corey makes it too easy. I won’t hog all the fun. I will give you guys a turn. Have at it! Find the lies. Make Corey’s nose grow.

The new legislative session: ripe with social causes

This year’s session contains several important bills that bear watching.

From Loudoun Times:

In response to the rally, the House Democratic Caucus announced plans for legislation in support of women’s reproductive health later that morning.

“The Republicans did real damage to Virginia’s women by passing burdensome regulations” on a woman’s right to have abortion, Sen. Mark Herring of Leesburg said at the press conference.

Instead of legislators being motivated by ideology, “we should be motivated by helping Virginians,” said Herring, who represents parts of Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

Delegate Kaye Kory of Falls Church, who also represents part of Fairfax County, introduced House Bill 1560, which would remove the requirement to get an ultrasound before having abortion.

Delegate Vivian Watts of Annandale has introduced HB 1644, which would define birth control. “It makes it clear that using birth control is not considered an abortion,” Watts said.

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Let’s catch up with Downton Abbey

Quite a few rat bastards were exposed on Sunday night’s Season 3 episode 2 of Downton Abbey. The biggest rat bastard of all has to be Sir Anthony Strallan who leaves poor Lady Edith at the altar. Lady Edith is humiliated and distraught as the show ends. Sir Anthony seemed to be her last hope as she contemplated life as an “old maid.”

2nd rat bastard has to be Sir Matthew Crawley. He is inheriting a vast fortune from Lavinia Swire’s father. His guilt over her death and his love for Lady Mary prevented him from using this fortune to bail out Lady Mary’s father after a bad business investment decimated the family fortune. He needed to be sent packing. His noble cause was …insane.

Is Mr. Carson in love with Mrs. Hugo?

What is Lady Violet up to?

Who is in our Downton Abbey Groupie club here at Moonhowlings?

link to the characters.


WARNING:  link to the characters contains spoilers from the viewing season in UK.