Stop the Violence Measures by Obama Adminstration

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President Obama on Wednesday formally proposed the most expansive gun-control policies in generations and initiated 23 separate executive actions aimed at curbing the nation’s gun violence.

Obama signed executive orders and paperwork initiating immediate administrative actions, including steps to strengthen the existing background-check system to keep guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous people as well as to improve mental health and school safety programs.

No one has to pry your gun out of your “cold dead hands.”   This was a long time coming and  I believe it is the beginning of a comprehensive approach to a societal crisis.

The president also called on Congress to swiftly pass legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines for civilian use and to require universal background checks for all gun buyers. Obama’s proposals include mental health and school safety measures, as well as a tough new crackdown on gun trafficking.

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Open Thread………………………………………Wednesday, January 16

redbird      These guys tend to be psychotic.  Perhaps narcissistic is a better word.  Some male cardinals continually dance in front of reflective surfaces.  We have one here to dances in front of the car mirrors, the stainless steel grill, and windows.  He has also been known to fly into windows.  I had to put stuff animals up there to scare him off.

Do robins still migrate south?  How about mockingbirds?  I think some robins hang back.  I think I saw one about a week ago.

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Joe Scarborough: High cost of the NRA’s extremism

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1/15/13 7:12 PM EST

Wayne LaPierre can’t say we didn’t warn him.

Several weeks ago, I spoke on “Morning Joe” about how the tragedy at Newtown changed everything.  On the set that morning and on many occasions since Dec. 14, we have warned that the extreme faction of the NRA will either face political reality or face political disaster.

As a longtime supporter of the Second Amendment, I had hoped their executives and lobbyists would not take an absolutist position on the issue since that would ultimately set back the cause of gun rights. Unfortunately, Mr. LaPierre chose to respond as if it were 1994.

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Trashy, NRA, just Trashy

The National Rifle Association released a video Tuesday calling President Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for being skeptical of armed guards in schools when his daughters receive armed Secret Service protection every day.

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?” a narrator asks. “Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? Mr. Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security.”

The president’s children are typically off limits, even in the grittiest political warfare in Washington. But the NRA salvo is likely only the first of many in what promises to be one of the toughest battles Obama has committed to fighting in his second term.

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