redbird      These guys tend to be psychotic.  Perhaps narcissistic is a better word.  Some male cardinals continually dance in front of reflective surfaces.  We have one here to dances in front of the car mirrors, the stainless steel grill, and windows.  He has also been known to fly into windows.  I had to put stuff animals up there to scare him off.

Do robins still migrate south?  How about mockingbirds?  I think some robins hang back.  I think I saw one about a week ago.

Monday Morning- PWC Schools have a 2 hour delay.



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  1. @Starryflights
    I’m sorry… please cite the source that shows that the few negligent shooters were even members of the NRA.
    So, trying to tie the NRA directly to the few guys that did this… really weak.

    On the other hand… across the nation thousands showed up in capital cities, to express support for gun rights and the NRA has added over 250,000 members in the last 5 weeks. Americans are also cleaning out existing stocks of guns and ammo. This includes new buyers.
    And polls show that the NRA is more popular than Obama.

    1. Cargo said:

      And polls show that the NRA is more popular than Obama.

      Desperate, Cargo, desperate.
      What polls ran a comparison between a President and an organiation?

      The new members don’t surprise me at all. That’s just the way some people react.

      What I find ironic is that you and I am sure many others are hell bent for glory that Hillary Clinton assume all responsibility for a consulate attack and yet you don’t hold that old Lapierre buzzard somewhat responsible for his boorish language in his response to the tragic shooting of 20 first graders.

      i guess that’s what you do when you live in the “everybody but me” world.

  2. punchak

    Sure makes me feel good to know that there are so many of my fellow citizens armed and ready to defend me.
    Hope you got a lot of stock in the weapons and ammo industry. They must be rolling in money by now.

  3. @punchak
    I wish that I had the money to invest in those stocks. When I have the knowledge and time, I never have the money and vice versa.

  4. @Moon-howler
    I don’t hold her responsible for the attack. I’ve never said a word about doing that.

    I hold her responsible for the crappy preparation, lack of security, ineptitude, and most of all, lying to the American people to advance a political agenda. The terrorists are responsible for the attack. I hold her responsible for her response to it.

    She has stated that she accepts “full responsibility.” The problem is that those words are empty.

    “somewhat responsible for his boorish language in his response to the tragic shooting of 20 first graders. ”

    Oh…now its his language in response to “hit” questions during an interview, during which he advocated the same plan put out by the President. Boorish…. Ok, then. Funny, I never see you object to rude Democrats, boorish leftist activists….Man! Those are some polite people.

  5. More snow headed our way. It is supposed to start at 2 pm and continue until around midnight.

  6. Did anyone happen to see the new series on Fox 5 called The Following?

    It was spellbinding. Starring Kevin Bacon,as former FBI agent Rayn Hardy it is about a network of serial killers. A little out of the ordinary and not horribly gory…yet.

  7. Starryflights

    Britain’s economy flirts with “triple dip” recession
    By David Milliken and Olesya Dmitracova | Reuters – Fri, Jan 25, 2013

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s economy shrank more than expected at the end of 2012 with a North Sea oil production slump, lower factory output and a hangover from London’s Olympics pushing it perilously close to a “triple-dip” recession.

    The country’s gross domestic product fell 0.3 percent in the fourth quarter, the Office for National Statistics said on Friday, sharper than a 0.1 percent decline forecast by analysts.
    The news is a blow for Britain’s Conservative-led government, which a day earlier defended its austerity programme against criticism from the International Monetary Fund. It needs solid growth to meet its budget targets, keep a triple-A debt rating and bolster its chances of winning a 2015 election.–business.html

    How’s that austerity thing working out in Britain? Not so good, looks like. Austerity has been nothing short of a disaster for Britain

  8. Morris Davis

    Interesting hearing the dumb childish remarks that have spewed forth since Gov Bobby Jindal told Repubs they’ve got to stop being “the stupid party” and learn to engage in adult conversation. Repubs re-upped Rence Priebus as party head and most of their talking heads today said they don’t need to change, just do better marketing. Poor ole Bobby Jindal.

  9. punchak

    Rence Priebus is someone who is easy to dislike.

    1. I cut him a break because he is saddled with such a strange name. At least no one forgets him.

  10. punchak

    Brazil –
    Night club fire kills at least 232 people.
    500 inside and ONE exit! Band´s pyrotechnics went awry.

  11. Starting today (Sunday) this week is national Meat Week.


  12. How about a movie recommendation? Memorial Day. No, it isn’t horribly literary but I sure did enjoy it. A boy coerces his grandfather into telling him a couple stories from his WWII army trunk that is stored away in the barn…..The stories involve the past, present and future.

  13. Lafayette

    I heard rumor that there was a Gift Fairy in your neck of the woods this afternoon.

    1. I don’t know anything about that.

      tell more.

  14. Lafayette

    I would check on top of your mailbox if I were you. 😉

  15. Starryflights

    Senators’ ‘tough but fair’ immigration blueprint would make people wait for citizenship
    By Liz Goodwin and Chris Moody | The Ticket – 6 hrs ago

    A bipartisan group of eight senators unveiled a new immigration reform proposal Monday that would allow most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the country to eventually become citizens.

    The senators unveiled details of the proposal during a press conference Monday afternoon, calling it a “tough but fair” way to reform the nation’s immigration system for the first time since 1986, when President Ronald Reagan signed into law a bill that legalized nearly 3 million immigrants.


    This is good. Tough but fair

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