ground hog day 2

A little history of Ground Hog Day:

The Punxsutawney pilgrimage has begun. Thousands are steaming into this otherwise small, sleepy Western Pennsylvania town. Come the wee hours of Saturday, some 35,000 shivering spectators are expected to be gathered in nearby Gobbler’s Knob for the grand awakening. That magical moment when Punxsutawney Phil his pulled from hibernation by handlers clad in top hats and tuxedos. All to inform the world of winter’s duration.

Will it be six more weeks of slogging through snow, wind and cold before the welcome respite of spring? Only if Phil’s shadow says so. Or, will we get a welcome reprieve from the all-knowing weather rodent, who kindly predicts an early spring? If so, one better hope for clouds.

At least that’s the stated reason for this unique, mid-winter night’s gathering. What it really is — what it’s been from almost the beginning — is one big party. A wildly fun, downright silly excuse to get out in the elements and submit to the power, mystery and majesty of nature.

This winter rite of passage has been going on for the past 126 years.

So what will it be?  Is spring just around the corner or will there be 6 more weeks of winter.

Perhaps Phil hasn’t heard about climate change.  I am better on 6+++ more weeks of winter, regardless of the evidence.

Maybe Phil also knows who will win the Super Bowl.  Go Ravens!!!


One Thought to “Punxsutawney Phil prognosticates again”

  1. Phil did not see his shadow. Spring is right around the corner, according to reports.

    You sure can’t prove it today. I am freezing.

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