The Washington Post and Corey announced that Major Steve Hudson was been selected to serve as Prince William County’s new police chief.  He currently serves as the head of the criminal investigation team.   He is now chief.

He and his wife Roxanne were on hand to be introduced to the Board of Supervisors late this afternoon, right before adjournment.  Chief Hudson spoke briefly.

Chief Hudson graduated from Prince William County Schools and has been with the department since 1984.

Congratulations, Chief Hudson.


24 Thoughts to “New Police Chief: Steve Hudson”

  1. Elena

    I like Steve Hudson. Have spoken with him on the phone before, very personable and professional.

  2. Ivan

    I guess the “Citizens Search Committee” didn’t look as far and wide as we heard they were going too.

    1. I know that the search was done very secretively and, in my opinion, exclusive to county (resident) input.

      It would have been a nice touch to have not had a member on that committee who had made as many enemies as one had made. Again, I blame that sleight of hand on the chairman’s wheeling and dealing. It was obvious what he was trying to do.

      Unfortunately, when devisive people are given secret roles on a committee, all attention will be turned to that committee and to the person or persons propping up said person.

      Now that the new chief has been selected, attention will go back to the process or lack of process that was used.

      None of this is Chief Hudson’s fault.

  3. Elena

    Totally agree Moon!

  4. blue

    This is very good news for Prince William County. Chief Hudson knows the County, has a long family connection to the area, knows the Department, its operations and its people. He will continue build and strengthen the reputation and effectiveness of the PWCPD and the legacy of Chief Deane.

  5. hypocrisy

    The only enemies seem to be both you and Elena Moon and some coward bloggers.. It is too bad that you can’t get past your own anger over the selection nominated by the entire BOCS.

    Citizens have been emailing the so called committee member congratulating the person on their selection.

  6. hypocrisy


    Sounds like a disgruntled liberal who has not gotten her way on many issues that the committee member you are attacking has championed.

    Don’t have a agenda of attacking strong conservative women to get back to or the Cooch Watch!

  7. hypocrisy


    Are you suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the lack of media attention you have received.?

    Didn’t you learn from the last election when none of the folks you supported got elected that no one cares what you have to say!!!!!

  8. Blue, what do you think of the process being totally swept under the rug?

    Does that bother you?

    Steve Hudson is a good choice. Why did the county have to sneak around with the process?

  9. blue


    You know what Moon, we are not even back benchers on this one. We might want to have input, but we are not even puffy – to say nothing of unqualified – back bencher for such an appointment. And frankly, any process that ends up with the choice of a well known and nationally respected local officer is one that clearly portends well for the County. While there are those who would see politics in the way it was done, the process probably also prevented some political schanigans too. Who knows, who cares. The Department is in good hands. End of story.

    1. I don’t agree with you about process at all, Blue. Process should be stated and transparent.

      The point that the department is in good hands is not the issue at all. I have clearly stated that I support the selection of the new captain, Steve Hudson. We were particularly impressed with how Lt. Hudson handled himself during our county’s darkest hour. He had excellent communication skills and he represented PWC extremely well.

      I was particularly pleased to see Paul Ebert’s name on the committee. I was not pleased that I had to learn of this through a leak to the newspaper. Ebert was a natural choice to help with the selection.

      Not end of story. Chief Hudson is not the last search for a person in the executive position. The county needs to outline a process rather than going with the Corey Stewart fly by night search and seek plan. I feel certain that Ms. Peacor added a layer of professionalism to this selection to clean up after Corey. However…..when the search was on for a CXO, the search company was trolling blogs looking for people to talk to him. THAT was about as far from professional as you can get.

      So Blue…since you are obviously not going to straight answer me, probably because of personal investment in this particular case, what do you think in general of professional county searches? You imply you know about this process. Good for you. No one else seems to. Was that a slip[? Should there be more transparency?

      What does “we are not even puffy” mean? I had no personal input to give. I was speaking for the county residents who did have input.

  10. blue

    Ahh, If I print this thread can I use it to get out of a ticket?

    1. Try it. See if it works. I have always just paid mine.

  11. Elena

    Dearest Hypocrite!

    I had no idea you were also an Obama and Kaine supporter in this last election, I was too you know! I am suprised, I thought you were a conservative. Anyway, now that I have clarified who I supported in the last election, hopefully that alters your nasty dispostion.

  12. Elena


    I don’t know what you have “championed” except being seen as an extremist in the immigration debate. Your appointment on the committee was seen as divisive because you actually had the audacity to speak out against Chief Deane when he was simply doing his job in educating the community on the resolution.

    Unlike you, I don’t actually need to cozy up to elected officials to have value in my community. My working relationship with Pete Candland is due to your dismissal from his staff. Although we may not agree on every issue, certainly we have been able to forge common ground where there previously was none.

  13. Elena

    Oh, one last point Hypocrite,

    You did not “select” anyone to serve as chief of police. The CXO and BOCS made the appointment. There you go again, filling your head with narcissitic self aggrandizing myths.

  14. blue

    How did you go from I don’t care what the process was, I am satisfied by the result to I was (must be) invested in the process or the result?. Not.

    Ahh transparancy.. add this to the list of bucket books to be written in my old age. To synopsize, governmental administrative management is the balance of operational requirements, privacy and transparancy. I take it that you believe that you should have had access to the names of the selection committee prior to the selection. Not so, for the same reasons that other personnel selection committees and contract selection panels are not generally available before the decison and often are not subject to FOIA after the decision. It protects the efficiency and the integrity of the selection process. It protects future operational requirements by minimizing potential anomosities. It helps protect against puffy outside and unqualified influence. It permits management to manage. If you don’t like the management – that is a different problem.

  15. @hypocrisy

    Enemies of what?

    I bet your mailbox is just popping. [sarcasm button on]

    I am very happy with the selection, especially because Chief Hudson, given his past behavior, will be likely to continue Chief Deane’s policy of treating all residents with dignity. That’s just in his nature.

  16. @blue

    Actually the committee members should have been listed by the county. I can’t think of any other jurisdictions where they would not be listed. A leak to the press is just not the way to find out things.

    Too bad the FOIA queen was busy or she would have ferreted out this one. Bwaaahahahahahaaha.

    Blue, I don’t think you understand transparency in government or what the people actually wanted, in this case.

    Was your first paragraph English? I have no clue what you just said.

  17. blue


    Dang, Moon, you just had to go there didn’t you. Residents — is that the new euphanism? Yes, of course, I would hope and expect that all legal residents and suspected criminals are treated with respect and dignity by the PWCPD.

  18. blue


    No, its clear that I do not understand government or transparancy in government.

    I do apologize, I get testy when an individual starts speaking for “the people.” BTW have you ever been in a senior managerial position in government?

    1. You also don’t understand immigration or the Constitution from what I am reading here.

      Get testy all you want. As a Blogmeister I can certainly speak collectively. I can speak collectively as an individual.

      No and it is obvious you haven’t either.

  19. Wendy

    @Blue – what is your reaction to the Washington Post announcing the appointment 90 minutes BEFORE Stewart did? Pretty consistent with comments from Moon.

  20. @hypocrisy

    Thanks for stopping by! Our numbers tripled yesterday. They came to see the smack down. You don’t know how many emails we got with that old hi-5 to us.

    How does it feel to generate that much animus?

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