I thought Rep. Jackson-Lee was going to hurl. However, she was very gracious.
Nugent was oily, put his hands on her when not invited to do so, and was oh so full of himself, but other than those tings, was polite, engaging and yes, braggiose.  He kept his opinion of Hillary to himself.

He did suck up and try to entice her by with his remarks about black musicians in the early days of Rock n Roll which predated even Nugent. However the dig about Peter, Paul and Mary was just stupid. They were an entirely different genre of music.

So to all those who asked “Where’s the Nuge?” I hope I have answered your question. He really should have worn a tie. That’s just what you do. Hell, he could have even worn a bolo tie. A bolo would have allowed him to keep his Texas cred.

7 Thoughts to “Nugent and Sheila Jackson Lee–NOT soul mates”

  1. punchak

    Sooooo – EVERYbody was cheering him on; even the TSA people.
    I’m impressed. / Hand on Jackson’s shoulder. Shudder, shudder!

    1. Why don’t men realize that touching women you barely know without permission is just not acceptable.

  2. People were asking “Where’s the Nuge?”

    He doesn’t have Texas cred. He’s a yankee from Michigan..

    1. He lives in Texas now, or perhaps in his case, he has a home in Texas. thus, his Texas cred. Plus he had Stockman. That’s gotta count for something.

  3. Know what’s funny? You have more coverage of the Nuge than any of the gun blogs.

  4. @Cargosquid

    Probably because I think he is a bigger horse’s ass than they do. They probably believe all the crap that he spews.

    I don’t think he should have had entrance to the SOTU however.

  5. @Moon-howler
    Actually, he doesn’t get any coverage…. he’s just another guy.

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