I hate the Oscars.  I usually haven’t seen most of the movies.  The winners are often based on  whatever is politically correct at the time, rather than talent and artist content.  The actual event takes forever and I always fall asleep.  So….

In protest I am watching The American Eagles on Showtime.  No, it isn’t about birds.  It’s a documentary about the Eagles Band.  What a great band they were/are.  I actually went to Winslow, Arizona about 7 years ago just to see that famous corner in Winslow, Arizona.   A little mini park had been built and there was a wall mural.  There was a major problem though.  The building on the other side had burned and the real wall was hanging on by a wish and a prayer.


What appear to be windows on the wall is a mural.  You can see the dude standing on the corner near the street lamp.  There is a hideous chain link fence around the park now because of safety issues.

If you get Show Time or showtimeanytime.com, you should definitely catch the Documentary The American Eagles.  The music is good and a pretty good history of one of the most popular rock groups in America.  The Eagles are entering their 5th decade.  Amazing.

20 Thoughts to “I hate the Oscars!”

  1. punchak

    I’ve been playing Yeti Bubbles (full screen)!

  2. I remember watching the Oscars in the 70’s…. it was entertaining then. Its gone downhill ever since.

  3. I don’t think IT has gone downhill. I think it was already there. I think *I* have changed and no longer care what the acadmy thinks.

    You were a kid then. Kids are easily impressed.

  4. Part of my problem is I am going through cold turkey with no Downton Abbey. Now why a person would get addicted to a show that has 9 hours per year …..it just doesn’t make sense.

  5. George S. Harris

    We didn’t watch either–who want to see a bunch of millionaires giving awards to a bunch of millionaires? Am with you Moon regarding Downton Abbey and Matthew’s demise. However, read an article a couple of days ago that said he had served his purpose as a sperm donor and not only that Dan Stevens (Matthew) wanted out of the series. As y ou know, no one is allowed to leave a series alive.

  6. punchak

    I tried Downton Abbey a few times. Can’t follow all the characters. It’s just tooo much for an aged brain.
    I read an article or saw a TV somewhere about the real owners of the place; seemed to be a nice, down-to-earth young couple who needed money to maintain the castle.

  7. @punchak

    I think the house got hit with an 80% tax sometime after WWII. Maybe my timing is off.

  8. Emma

    With so many entertainment options at home, I rarely go to the movie theater anymore, so I have no idea who deserves the prizes until long after the Oscar show. Then there’s watching the 1 percenters in their size 0 couture, bodies honed by personal trainers, nutritionists and cooks, arriving one by one in their limos. What would really get my attention is if all the environmental scientists among them would carpool their way to the red carpet. THAT would make a statement.

  9. Emma

    And Downton? Boo-hiss. Terrible ending.

  10. @Emma

    Why do you give a rat’s ass what those 1%-ers do or what their personal politics are?

    I doubt if anyone would notice if they shared a limo.

    For every Streisandor Sarandon there’s a Gibson or an Eastwood or a Selleck.

  11. Emma

    I give a rat’s ass because they take those politics to Capitol Hill and enjoy a level of access and influence that often goes far beyond their supposed “expertise”.

    1. Spoken like a true partisan. I guess you missed Fred Thompson’s bid for the White House in 2008. Clint Eastwood also spoke at the Republican convention giving a rather unconventional soliloquy. Tom Selleck sits on the board of the NRA. I did a post on his participation.

      Do those people not enjoy a level of access and influence also? Should just conservatives have access? Oh I get it. You only want one point of view presented. Silly me.

  12. Emma

    I didn’t see that I defended any of those others you cited in my post.

    1. Where did I say you defended them? You act like Hollywood is the only voice out there. I find the “who me?” act rather predictable. It’s just another form of deflection. Rather than chose a mythological “they” I thought I would point out a few people who most would be representative of a conservative point of view on some level.

  13. More people might buy in to the oscars if the films were out on dvd before the awards. It isn’t like the DVDs are free. they continue to make money. Many folks don’t go to the theater for a variety of reasons. They still like movies.

    I would think technology would have changed more.

  14. Emma

    Honestly, I have no idea what “deflection” you’re talking about. I made a comment about the 1 percent, about people who preach climate change for the rest of us but use private jets and stretch limos with abandon, whose lives bear no resemblance to my own–you know, millionaires giving awards to millionaires, as George said.

    The sky is blue today. There, let’s argue over how partisan that statement is.

    1. Are those people only at the Oscar ceremonies?

      I wasn’t aware I had made a partisan statement in the post. All of a sudden we have a statement about climate change.

  15. Emma

    It’s always fun when the goalposts keep moving, isn’t it?

  16. Rick Bentley

    Moon you hate the Oscars; I hate The Eagles. Though I saw some of that documentary and it was pretty watchable.

    The Oscars were disappointing. “Argo” is a fun enough movie but melodramatic and contrived; in no way does it deserve the Oscar. “Silver Linings Playbook” deserves it. When SLP didn’t win best Editing I knew the awards were upside down – it’s the best edited film I’ve ever seen.

    The Oscars sucked this year. McFarlane was a drag. Watching his joke about Lincoln’s death cause complete quiet in the room was interesting – why did he think anyone would laugh? MIchelle Obama’s pretentious speech was awful too. Between the pomp and cicrumstance of her participating and her awful speech she wasted 3 minutes or so of everyone’s life and kept us all up when we were already sleepy. Pointless and strange. She gave an Oscar, her husband’s golfing with Tiger Woods – maybe Jon Stewart’s right, they are aware of some impending doom and are going through their bucket lists.

    1. I can’t imagine anyone hating the Eagles Music. The people in the band, yes…but the music? That is like hating America.

      “there’s a girl my Lord, in a flat-bed flord, slowing down to take a look at me….”

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