Morning Joe Scarborough mocks Ken Cuccinelli over his radically extreme positions.  He particularly poked fun at Cooch who supposedly questioned getting his youngest child a social security number because “that’s how they track you down.”

Good grief!  That is extremist.  Fundamentalist LDS members out in the desert (remember Juniper Creek on big Love) believe tin foil hat stuff like that.

This is who wants to be our next governor?


11 Thoughts to “Morning Joe mocks the Cooch”

  1. Pat.Herve

    Cooch said this quite a while ago – – yet, when I vote, I need to have my SS number written down on a form – why they do that I do not know. With identity theft and everything, they should not have to write my SS number down on a piece of paper.

    1. I guess it took a while for Morning Joe to hear about this. I am still gasping over 7 children. Mrs. C must have child care duty while he is off being the an Attorney General.

      @Pat, I don’t recall using my social security number when I voted. Was it absentee voting? Maybe I wa just on auto pilot.

  2. Pat.Herve

    Yes, absentee – they request your SS no on the form, if you do not fill it in, they fill it in for you. I also have a beef with Comcast asking for your SS no (last 4 digits) when you call for service – no customer service rep should be able to see my SS no (any of it) to report down service.

  3. I remember when my SS card said that it was illegal to be used as ID.

  4. I voted absentee this time and I probably filled it right on in. I agree with you though. It isn’t needed.

    Comcast has NO reason for it. Last 4 digits doesn’t give me heart burn but I just don’t see why there can’t be other identifiers.

  5. @Cargosquid

    I don’t have my ss card any more. I just know my number. After all these years my husband doesn’t know it. Bet he would discover it some place if money were attached to it though.

  6. Lyssa

    Who likes this guy? And why?

    1. Only other extremists. @Lyssa

  7. Lyssa

    Who likes this guy? And why?

  8. Lyssa

    Are there that many?

    1. Apparently there are.


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