Who doesn’t see the writing on the wall with this transportation bill!  You have roads being approved that will open up rural land, like the north-south corridor, and a convenient new taxing ability by certain Northern Virginia localities in order to build more roads in their jurisdiction.

So, NOW developers will have an excuse to build in undeveloped areas that will need massive new road infrastructure and who will foot the bill for that expense?  Hmmm, I imagine we will.  And Corey, who is vocally and fervently supporting this new unneeded cargo transportaion road to Dulles Airport, is trying to sell us the snake oil that he won’t tax Prince William County residents?  Not buyin’ it folks and I hope you don’t either.

Our Board of Supervisors has been relatively silent on this massive transportation bill and its subsequent taxes on Virginia residents, but let us not also forget, their silence on the north south corridor.  How is that road financed?  By the Governor’s tax bill.  And where is Corey’s outrage……yes, once again, that is crickets you hear.

No, Corey, you aren’t allowed to feign outrage over taxes on one hand while your support a detrimental road that will dissect PWC.

No Corey, you are not  allowed to be self righteous over the state daring to give localities the ability to tax residents for roads when you clearly advocate for a road that you know full well will open up all kinds of cheap land for high density development.

I invite citizens to attend the meeting on the North South Corridor this evening, 7:30, at Bull Run Middle School in Gainesville.  Stand up against unnecessary roads in PWC and new taxes . Delegate Hugo and Supervisor Candland need to hear community voices first hand.



29 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart, Throws PWC Under the Bus”

  1. Mom

    Elena, who’s buying the first round after the meeting?

  2. Elena

    I will have my father I law with, if he’s game we could head to Giuseppe’s!

  3. Censored bybvbl

    Good luck to you guys! I’d really like to see some valid info on how this road will benefit PWC. It’ll make getting to tech jobs near Dulles easier for PWC residents but I’m unconvinced that it’ll bring PWC jobs – other than construction.

  4. George S. Harris

    Attempted to attend Supervisor Pete Candland’s town hall meeting about the Bi-county/Tri-county North-South Corridor; however, I left after 20 minutes because despite promises to keep introductions brief, they were still going on when I left. I forgot there is nothing so sweet to a politician as the sound of their name and there were plenty of politicians there. I’m not sure the meetings are so much to get public input as they are to let them know just how the Virginia Department of Transportation is going to walk all over us in the name of progress. In addition to all of this, the room was way too small for the audience despite the fact the school has a gymnasium that could have been used. But in usual politican fashion, it apparently is better to have a small room filled to overflowing than to have a gymnasium that could have comfortably accomodated everyone with space left over. I think it makes for an ego trip for the politicians to see such a “large” turnout.

  5. Elena

    I am sorry you left, shortly thereafter the fireworks began!

  6. Need to Know

    Corey has sold out PWC for his own personal political gain? No, please tell me it isn’t so. Who was expecting that? Why, one might surmise that he is acting exactly like his predecessor, Sean Connaughton, whom Corey attacked relentlessly when he was first trying to get elected for promising to get a handle on residential overdevelopment and then selling out to developers. Wait; is this just a remake of a bad movie that should have never been made in the first place?

  7. Mom

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Gov. Cuccinelli will appoint Corey to replace Sean as Secretary of Transportation so he can get a handle on straightening out VDOT and diminishing the influence of developers on transportation policies. Err, on second thought, that would just be a sequel and likely worse than the original.

    1. There will never be a Governor Cuccinelli.

      He is an extremist.

  8. Lafayette

    Corey= Sir Sean, II. Oh, but Corey’s going to be our LG….yeah, right!

  9. Elena

    I appreciated Bob Marshall reminding us that Corey voted AGAINST this road back in 2005. Just another typcial flip flop. The man has absolutely no conscience. How can he live with himself?

  10. Lafayette

    Good point, Moon. I join you in your appreciation of our delegate on his friendly reminder. I’m so glad we are able to give credit, where credit is due. 🙄 Even if it only happens once in a blue moon. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  11. Lafayette

    Oops, Elena… I thought you were Moon. Pardon me.

  12. Elena

    no problem! Yes, last night, many pwc residents found themselves on the same side as Bob.

  13. George S. Harris

    Not, it probably was a good thing–I might have vomited on someone.

  14. Elena

    LOL George! You missed it, at one point I said to this Garzinsky dude, “you have had your turn, stop talking and give citizens an opportunity, we have waited long enough to speak!”

  15. Mom

    Unfortunately but not surprisingly, Tyrear did not represent the Sec. Of Transportation well and Garzinski’s behavior confirmed what many thought about the CTB.

    Tyrear frequently came off as insincere and condescending. Note to Mr. Tyrear, one shouldn’t mock those citizens speaking behind you when everyone has a cellphone camera to record your facial expressions and gestures.

    Garzinksi used his normal approach and tried to bulldoze the citizens. From my standpoint that didn’t work too well near the end when used those tactics on citizens who were amply prepared to return his serve. Note to Mr. Garzinski, engaging in a debate with citizens unlikely to give up the mike and more likely to call your bluffs or “lies” might work in a CTB meeting but is a risky strategy in crowded town hall that is generally hostile to your position. You won no points last night and your actions will likely place a great deal of scrutiny on the CTB’s actions, and for that, I thank you.

  16. Watching

    Gary Garzynski is a developer with National Capital Land Development who gives lots of money to politicians.



  17. Watching

    Oops I missed Gary’s personal contributions because he is listed as F Gary Garzynski on VPAP. Here’s more:


    Make sure you look at all years.

  18. Elena

    Sneaky “Watching”, good catch! These guys are all so corrupt, its hard to imagine how they sleep at night. Watch that land in the RC start selling like hotcakes! Cheap hotcakes 🙁

  19. Elena

    I actually called out the woman sitting at the table, VDOT staffer for laughing at a citizen while she spoke. I told her that was behaving inappropriately. She tried to deny she was laughing and making snide comments, but I replied that her behavior was unprofessional and that people concerned about the quality of life wasn’t a joke. She stopped her behavior, at least while I was there.

  20. Mom

    Please tell me it was the other VDOT person from Loudoun and not Maria Sinner who was sitting at the end of the table.

    1. I have her picture if you need to confirm. Elena sent it to me.

      Anyone watching the bocs meeting? I forgot it was on and that it was Tuesday.

  21. Elena

    It was NOT Maria Sinner 🙂

  22. middleman

    The expansion of Purcell Road to four lanes and connection to Pw Parkway was stopped at the BOCS meeting last night. At least that part of the Bi-County parkway is dead for now.

    1. Good! What made that happen? re killing Purcell Road widening

  23. Elena

    good news middleman. I guess one can only screw so many citizens at one time or else it may look untoward.

  24. middleman

    @Moon-howler I have no idea what caused the BOCS to make the right decision. After the Coles Planning Commissioner fought so hard for the connection to the Parkway, I assumed that he was following orders “from above.” Then at the BOCS Marty Nohe had a new motion all written up and ready keeping Purcell 2 lane with no connection to the Parkway. Who knew!

    There was a lot of citizen involvement and that helped. It was a looong drawn-out process that seemed designed to wear people out, but folks stuck with it. It’s amazing how motivated one can be when one’s quality of life is at stake.

    Now the “mid-countians” and “westerners” need to stick together to kill the rest of the “Bi-County developer giveaway.”

    1. @middleman,

      I have never seen anyone win against the state. I wish I thought it were possible.

  25. middleman

    I have. Disney in Haymarket was heavily backed by Governor Allen. I remember him saying he was going to “knock their soft teeth down their whiny throats” referring to Disney foes. Guess who lost?

    At one time, Rt. 395 was planned by “the state” to go through the district. The ramp leading to it was actually already built, and stood dead-ended for many years before being torn down. People from the neighborhoods in DC killed it.

    There are more, but one thing’s for sure- you can’t win if you don’t try.

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