Glenn Beck vs. Chris Christie

By JOE SCARBOROUGH | 02/20/2013 09:02 AM EST | Updated: 02/21/2013 03:04 PM EST (Politico)

Glenn Beck says he doesn’t like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Why should he?

Christie, after all, has done nothing conservative since his surprising win over Democrat Jon Corzine four years ago – nothing other than declaring war against the most extreme government union bosses, fighting for education reform across the Garden State, spending less in this year’s FY13 budget than Corzine spent in actual dollars in FY08, reforming and keeping afloat the state’s dying public pension and health benefit programs by eliminating COLAs, increasing employee contributions, raising the retirement age while saving the moribund system $120 billion over 30 years.

Why would Glenn Beck or the other right-wing talkers be impressed with a guy like Chris Christie? Hell, he only cut business taxes by $2.6 billion and created 100,000 new jobs over two years in his one state. Oh, yeah. He is also the first pro-life governor to serve in New Jersey since Roe v. Wade passed in 1973.

Why would any member of the Conservative Entertainment Complex want anything to do with a RINO who carries around that kind of conservative record in a blue state that hasn’t gone Republican in a presidential contest in 25 years?

Why would Republicans support a guy who beat the unions, beat the Democratic legislature, beat the education establishment, did the things that Republicans are afraid to do in Washington, remain true to his conservative Catholic convictions and still hold a 74 percent approval rating in today’s Quinnipiac poll that also gives him a 71 percent reelect rating, has the Republican governor ahead with independents 68-18 and leading with women 54-31?

Glenn Beck must be infuriated. Why, this Chris Christie character has created a new kind of gender gap in this Democratic state that has him actually winning the female vote by 23 percent. Numbers like that have to enrage talkers like Glenn Beck, who have spent most of their adult lives working to make women voters run AWAY from the Republican Party faster than you can say ‘government-sanctioned vaginal probe.’

Why would Glenn Beck or any self-described conservative like Chris Christie?

Damn good question.

Why are people allowing the Glenn Becks of the world to define “conservative.”  In the world of Glenn Beck, everyone is to his left and is a RINO or a liberal.  Its time for people to start thinking for themselves.  One of our regulars sent this to me for a post.  He/She felt it would make for some decent discussion.

9 Thoughts to “Joe Scarborough: Glenn Beck vs. Chris Christie”

  1. Lyssa

    Christie is busy governing, Beck only talks? Christie is in the real world interacting with diverse groups of people, Beck is in a controlled environment with only people like him in it?

    1. Regarding Glenn Beck –what a scary world that must be!!

  2. clueless

    Christie is the type of Republican I used to vote for, sadly they are an endangered species in Virginia.

  3. George S. Harris

    People who listen to and believe Glenn Beck are the same people who pull the wings off butterflies.

  4. Lyssa

    @George S. Harris

    Horrible images of people come to mind. I won’t forget this one!

  5. George S. Harris

    My intent exactly. Although I am a lifelong FDR Democrat (once told my Mom I would be glad when I grew up do I wouldn’t have to obey anyone but God and Roosevelt) if I lived in NJ, I more than likely would vote for Christy.

  6. Lyssa

    God and Roosevelt. Very good! I might vote for Christie but I’m somewhat of a union supporter.

  7. @George S. Harris
    Heh. I was raised by a woman who lived through the Depression that voted Republican and couldn’t stand FDR.

    1. I didnt realize there was anyone in the south who was Republican in those days. UFB

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