Open Thread………………………………………Thursday, March 14

daffodil3Daffodils are blooming everywhere.  Mine have been blooming since the end of February.  I don’t think that mine will begin to see April for those April showers.

Is this a sign of climate change?  Is it normal for daffodils to bloom in February?  How about early March?  What else is blooming around town?

Does that mean that the iris will be along in 3 weeks?

It is supposed to get colder.  Will that affect the bloom?

When do the bluebells peak?


Military sexual attack victims testify before Congress

One man and three women who were sexually assaulted and harassed in the military shared their personal experiences with a Senate subcommittee Wednesday morning–the first hearing on  sexual assault in the military in 10 years.

Former Army Sgt. Rebekah Havrilla, who was raped by a fellow service member while serving in Afghanistan,  recounted how she sought guidance from an Army chaplain after she unexpectedly encountered her assailant a year after the assault, and the chaplain told her it was “God’s will” that she was raped.

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Federal Appeals Court declares VA anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional

I thought that the anti-sodomy laws had been declared unconstitutional back in 2003 when Lawrence v. Texas was decided.  It looks like I was wrong.


A federal appeals court on Tuesday invalidated Virginia’s law prohibiting anal and oral sex, citing the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas that held Texas’ anti-sodomy law unconstitutional. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that the state’s provision banning “crimes against nature,” which include “’carnal knowledge’ by one person of another by the anus or the mouth” “cannot be squared with Lawrence.” The 2003 high court decision held that “statutes criminalizing private acts of consensual sodomy between adults are inconsistent with the protections of liberty” in the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause.

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