Governor Ultra-Sound Strikes Again!

aka Governor Ultra-Sound
aka Governor Ultra-Sound

Email from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia:


Gov. McDonnell won’t rest until abortion access is completely eliminated in the Commonwealth.

Late last night, Gov. McDonnell added an anti-abortion amendment to SB921 and HB1900, bills to implement Virginia’s new health-insurance exchange as set out under the Affordable Care Act. McDonnell’s new amendment seeks to ban abortion coverage from all private plans sold in Virginia’s federally run health-insurance exchange, and if passed, will block thousands of Virginian women from purchasing comprehensive health care with their own private dollars.

Contact your state senator and tell him/her to stand strong against McDonnell’s latest anti-choice attack!

By banning women from using their own money to purchase private insurance plans that include this one common benefit, Gov. McDonnell is attempting to restrict Virginians’ personal economic decisions as well as their access to affordable comprehensive health care. Let’s be clear – despite what you will hear from anti-choice groups, this amendment is not a matter of eliminating public funding for abortion. Instead, McDonnell’s amendment would block Virginia women from spending their own private dollars to purchase an insurance policy with abortion coverage. In addition, the governor’s amendment would take away basic coverage currently included in a vast majority of Virginia’s private insurance plans.

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Corey, you could have fooled me!

No Latino voters for Core-man
No Latino voters for Core-man

I got another beg letter from Corey.  He wanted money.  I am not sure why he thinks I am his friend.  Part of his  email contained the following:

The media is at it again. Just two days ago, a columnist from the Richmond Times Dispatch labeled me “an immigrant basher”.

It is no doubt this statement arises from my leadership of the nation’s toughest crackdown on criminal illegal immigration

In Prince William County, if you are arrested for a crime and it is determined that you are here illegally, then our law enforcement officers hand you over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

I need your help in this fight to combat the never ending liberal media attacking our conservative values.  A donation of $25, $50, $100 would go a long way to help me spread my message of conservative governance.

Every person who is being arrested is checked, regardless of age, sex, race, etc. If upholding the Rule of Law makes me “an immigrant basher” than let them name call, I am willing to deal with such petty insults for the safety of Prince William County’s 425,000+ residents. Since we enacted our illegal immigration policy, there has been a 47.8% drop in violent crime and we have handed over more than 6,000 criminal illegal aliens to ICE.

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