No Latino voters for Core-man
No Latino voters for Core-man

I got another beg letter from Corey.  He wanted money.  I am not sure why he thinks I am his friend.  Part of his  email contained the following:

The media is at it again. Just two days ago, a columnist from the Richmond Times Dispatch labeled me “an immigrant basher”.

It is no doubt this statement arises from my leadership of the nation’s toughest crackdown on criminal illegal immigration

In Prince William County, if you are arrested for a crime and it is determined that you are here illegally, then our law enforcement officers hand you over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

I need your help in this fight to combat the never ending liberal media attacking our conservative values.  A donation of $25, $50, $100 would go a long way to help me spread my message of conservative governance.

Every person who is being arrested is checked, regardless of age, sex, race, etc. If upholding the Rule of Law makes me “an immigrant basher” than let them name call, I am willing to deal with such petty insults for the safety of Prince William County’s 425,000+ residents. Since we enacted our illegal immigration policy, there has been a 47.8% drop in violent crime and we have handed over more than 6,000 criminal illegal aliens to ICE.

First it was the Washington Post calling me “a third world despot“, now the Richmond Times Dispatch calling me “an immigrant basher“.

The media can hurl whatever they want at me, but the bottom line is that people respect leaders who stick to their principles. I know the people in Prince William County respect my leadership because I was able to beat my Democratic opponent by 30 points and win 72 out of 77 precincts, despite dealing with this type of baseless criticism.

As Chairman of the 2nd largest county in the Commonwealth, I have implemented a conservative agenda. We have cracked down on criminal illegal aliens, shrank the size of government by eliminating 320 government jobs, cut $143 million in spending from the county budget and reduced taxes by 8.5%.

Corey, you could have fooled me.  I remember the old days when you were an immigrant basher.  I remember all the shows you appeared on.  I remember the aiding and abetting that went on behind the scenes, especially with anti-immigrant groups and bloggers.   I remember the company you kept and the words you did not renounce.

I remember how you flaunted yourself in front of every open mic over the habitual offender who ran into the car full of nuns.  I remember how you turned it into an “illegal” issue rather than a drunk driving issue.  I remember how the sisters asked that their accident not be turned into a political issue.  I remember how you ignored their request.

I remember the shrillness and the vitriol you used and how you took your colleagues’ emails and gave them to a local blogger to push them for not bashing Chief Deane.  I remember how you tried to stab him in the back also.  I remember how you stomped and carried on when some of the other supervisors sought to enact a more reasonable approach and did away with probable cause.  You tried to turn it into a win, only because you lost that round.  I believe your words were “Over my dead body” would the immigration resolution be changed to post arrest.

Correct me if I am wrong but we here at Moonhowlings have a large file of what was done to whom.  You were an immigrant basher.  The dude at the Times Dispatch is correct and he isn’t a “they.”    He is Jeff Shapiro, who has written for the Richmond Times Dispatch for a number of years.  He identified candidates for Lt. Governor  by what they are best known for.  You got it.  You wanted people to know you for being “tough on illegals.”  Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Corey, if you had been behind the 287(g) program only rather than cutting services to any undocumented immigrants, I would defend you.  You even wanted to take illegal immigrants off the Blue Bird Bus service for seniors.  You wanted to keep kids out of the library and swimming pools.  The rest of us don’t want criminals from other countries here either.  We especially don’t want them committing crimes in our community.   However, we aren’t in favor of rounding up people.  We aren’t in favor of making children and anyone Hispanic feel unwelcome in the greater Prince William County area.  We aren’t in favor of making people feel like they have to leave town.  We also aren’t in favor of jokes being made about them or comparing them to dog food.  You never spoke out against that kind of talk.

Corey, you used crime statistics erroneously.  You said that violent crime was down nearly 50%.  You and I both know that really isn’t true.  You were/are twisting and skewing data.  You kept saying it, even as recently as your email asking me for money.  I am not really sure what you did to improve our community.  You deny that you ran off illegal immigrants and then you take credit for it.  Which is it Corey?  What did you really do to combat illegal immigration?   How are things really better?

PWC and Manassas might have turned over 6,000 illegal immigrants to ICE.  As I recall, you used to say they were deported.  I say this is a lie.  Many of those same folks were right back in our area shortly thereafter.   You can’t tell us how many illegal criminal aliens were deported.  You don’t know and ICE won’t release the information.

We will gladly share our files with Jeff Shapiro.  All he has to do is ask.  Meanwhile, stop whining because some columnist in Richmond called you out over something that a half year ago you were bragging about.  And NO, we won’t send you $25 bucks.



13 Thoughts to “Corey, you could have fooled me!”

  1. Elena

    Corey is such a fool he doesn’t even understand how racist his blast e-mail acually is! When he propogates this lie that violent crime decreased by 46% because he went after the “illegals” what is he saying. Well, allow me to translate.

    Latino’s are often Undocumented immigrants are” illegals” which = criminals

    So, what he is saying is that immigrants, even if their only offense if not being here documented, are criminals, which then translates to dangerous criminals who commit violent crimes. As though undocumented immigrants have a proclivity to commit violent crimes.

    What is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid is that BECAUSE of the resolution in PWC, for the first time, those stats were collected. Guess what folks, of those who committed violent crimes in PWC, only 3% were undocumented immigrants.

    Like I said, what a fool he is.

  2. Starryflights

    Corey has his tin cup out again, grovelling and hustling for money. I will not give him any money.

  3. I guess the developers will flip him a few coins. We can check it out on


  4. Elena

    Like the owner of Madeira Farm, six grand gets you an SUP in the rural crescent !

    1. Please elaborate. @Elena

  5. Disgruntled Republican


    Excellent post Moon. I agree with everything you wrote. You left out, however, that Corey was pandering to his developer supporters even in the midst of his immigration crusade. He never lifted a finger to implement eVerify (as one of his supposed heroes, Jan Brewer, did in Arizona), or do anything that would cause the slightest inconvenience to any of his campaign contributors who depend on cheap, exploited labor for their bottom lines. A careful study of Corey’s antics at the time will show that everything he did was aimed at stirring up anti-Latino sentiment and was done for the purpose of enraging voters with legitimate concerns about the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

    Corey Stewart is exactly the opposite of what Republicans need now to rebuild the party. He’s a fraud and will exploit anyone to advance his own political ambitions. Republicans need to show that they care about the needs and interests of all segments of the American population. Conservatism and small government are in everyone’s best interests.

    Putting a race-baiter and opportunist like Corey Stewart front-and-center is not where Republicans need to be going. Moon and many others have detailed dossiers on Corey. If nominated for Lieutenant Governor, all of that material will be revisited and juxtaposed against his current campaign to make himself look like the reincarnation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We’re not buying it. I know that most Moonhowlings readers are not Cuccinelli supporters, but I hope Cuccinelli knows what has and is going on. He needs to do whatever it takes to keep Stewart off the ticket.

    1. I think I woujld almost rather have Corey than Cuccinelli. Of course, that is like asking me what kind of poison I want to take.

  6. Mom

    All Receipts Reported by Corey A Stewart Committees
    from JK Enterprise Landscape Supply LLC
    Location: Fairfax
    Industry: Garden Centers/Nursries/Landscape
    Contributions Totaling $4,500
    Amount Date Committee Description
    $2,500 06/25/2012 Stewart for Lt Governor – Corey Itemized cash contribution
    $1,000 06/02/2011 Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair – Corey Itemized cash contribution
    $1,000 08/17/2012 Stewart for Lt Governor – Corey

    All Receipts Reported by Corey A Stewart Committees
    from Jacob Klitenic, III
    Location: Clifton
    Industry: Garden Centers/Nursries/Landscape
    Employer: JK Enterprises
    Contributions Totaling $1,000
    Amount Date Committee Description
    $1,000 10/22/2012 Stewart for Lt Governor – Corey Itemized cash contribution

    1. Is this where we holler “green side up” to Corey?

  7. Mom

    We’ll check his latest campaign contributions report after the Sunday filing deadline. My guess is there will be a lot of familiar names for anyone watching recent land-use cases in the county.

    Recent history indicates the going price for Corey’s vote is a minimum of $5,000. It will be interesting to see if inflation (economic, Corey’s aspirations, or Corey’s hat size) has caused that number to go up.

  8. Elena

    Didn’t do Eric Finely any good though. He have ten grand, Corey’s office picked out the best site, he bought it, and then corey and wally turned against him. It only pays SOMETIMES to play!

  9. Mom

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”

  10. Elena

    Yep. Eric is a home grown PWC boy, wasn’t prepared to be screwed by the likes of corey. a valuable life lesson I imagine.

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