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Tim Kaine was on Morning Joe just a few minutes ago telling us about the impact of the government shut down on places you just wouldn’t think about.  Senator Kaine got much communication from people on Chincoteague Island, over on  the Eastern Shore over the shutdown.  Why on earth?  That’s a conservative area in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it?

Chincoteaque relies heavily on tourism and that tourism comes from Wallops Island where NASA is based, Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and Assateague Island National Seashore.  97% of NASA is closed.  The other areas are totally closed.  In essence, there is little reason during the shutdown to go to Chincoteague and the residents who rely on tourism and associated activities like fishing are suffering.  Their economy which only has a finite part of the year to prosper has dried up.

Often, those of us who live in the DC Metro area see things through myopic vision–that which is right around us.  Other parts of the state and country rely heavily on the government being open for employment, services, security and recreation.  These people have already been hard hit by sequestration.  Now that the government is totally closed, they are being hit even harder.

The banana republicans think this is what their very limited base wants?  Perhaps that is true.  I would have to say that base is limited in vision,  is lacking in understanding outside their own geo-ethnocentrism, and  their understanding of  actually of how government really works.    The Give-me-my-Way approach to governance hurts many Virginians and many Americans that we obviously are overlooking.

Thanks to Senator Tim Kaine for bringing areas like Chincoteague Island to our attention.  While piece-meal funding of government might help these people avoid economic disaster in a remote area, do we really get to chose our favorites to save from shutdown?  Do Congressmen and women get to pick their pet projects like the WWII memorial where they can put in a cameo appearance with the WWII vets?  Should I keep my favorite parks open while closing others?  Should we open NIH while shutting down Bonneville Dam along the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon?  How about WIC and food stamps?  People don’t really need to eat, do they?  Babies don’t need milk.  How about those people who are already down to the bare minimum?

Obviously, picking and choosing our favorite government subsets to fund is unfair and should not be considered.  We need to fully fund the government and get on with the business of the nation.

4 Thoughts to “What happens to a place like Chincoteague?”

  1. BSinVA

    I wonder if Congressman Rigell (R) of the Virginia second feels that he is actually representing his constituents? Those folks down there that are losing their livelihoods because of the shut down, need to call his office right away and demand that he do something to get the government going again.

    1. Rigell thinks that the government should be funded but..he equivocates. He thinks the ACA should be delayed a year but not shut the government down.

      How about the millions of people who do not have health care? Are they supposed to put their health on hold for a year?

      He at least has enough of a conscience to know that the banana republicans are not doing the right thing and that they are harming America.

  2. Lyssa

    Bachman didn’t mean Chincoteague either.

    1. Its too out of the way for Bachmann. She can’t get the attention that she craves. I can’t believe she is kissing the vets. What is she going to do in her next job? MEOW >**<

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