There are some interesting facts in this video. The most dangerous thing to either candidate is that each man’s respective base grow complacent and stay home.

With less than a month until the election, the heat is on for the heart and soul of the Old Dominion. I never like calling an election. I feel it jinxes things up. However, it might be a subtle reminder to those who want to play a little ‘war on women’ that there can be deadly electoral paybacks.

What the women don’t take care of, the shutdown will.  Unfortunately for Cuccinelli, the antics of his party have bled over into his campaign.  That actually seems a little unfair.  The banana republicans should have thought of that before trying to ignore rule of law.  Their attempt to play hardball to get their own way definitely has had unintended consequences.  The Cooch just might be one of those consequences.

4 Thoughts to “Virginia governor’s race analysis: Beware of unintended consequences”

  1. Scout

    Obviously the shut-down hurts Mr. Cuccinelli. However, I find it difficult to believe that he would not have been a real cheerleader for it had he not been up for election this year.

  2. Oh no doubt!

    But this way he gets to pretend he wouldn’t have dreamed of being a part of it.

  3. Lafayette

    Looks like The Duggars are going to Ricmond.

    TV’s Duggar family to campaign for Cuccinelli
    Posted: Oct 11, 2013 2:54 AM EDT Updated: Oct 11, 2013 2:54 AM EDT

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – A busload of reality television stars – all from the same family – will cruise through Virginia to support Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign.

    The Duggar family from the TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” is planning a three-day bus tour starting Monday. The Duggars will make stops in Lynchburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg and Woodbridge in support of Cuccinelli, the father of seven.

    The tour is sponsored by Family Research Council Action. The executive director of the conservative advocacy group is 25-year-old Josh Duggar, the oldest of the 19 Duggar children.

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    1. Those people seem like pervs to me. Why are they in Virginia? They don’t live here. Why do they care who gets elected?

      If Cuccinelli thinks this family is good for America, then there is good reason right there not to vote for him.

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