Wednesday Morning Surprise: Herring leads by around 600 votes


Washington Post


When I went to bed, Obenshain was ahead by a few hundred votes.  When I woke up, Herring was in the lead.   All precincts are not in yet.  Whatever end result there is today, there will be a recount.  The vote is simply too close to declare a winner.

As I made the rounds on Facebook last night, I saw many of our local politicians crowing about the win.  I wonder how they feel this morning?

It’s over when the last vote is …recounted.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  However, the old adage, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is a really good thing to remember.  3 precincts are missing.  2 in Mecklenburg and 1 in Rockingham.  Both counties are heavy republican fortresses.  Rockingham County surrounds Harrisonburg, where Obenshain is from.  It might be better to hold out for the re-count.

Election Post-Mortum

I will not be a sore winner!

I will not be a sore winner!

I will not be a sore winner!

That is my version of clicking me heels three times and not ending up in Oz.

I don’t feel like thanking everyone for running.  They all ran for some sort of self-aggrandizement.  There was a lot of ego involved.

I don’t feel like saying good race to anyone.  All of the races were obnoxious and I grew tired of the stuffed mailbox and the stupid phone calls.

I never want to see another political ad.

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