Open Thread…………………………………………………..Tuesday, November 12

tree dropping leavesThe trees are getting bare and the yards are getting full of leaves.  I am hoping a kid will come along and rake my yard.  There sure are a lot of leaves out there.  I thought about getting out there with the leaf blower, and then thought again.  The leaves always go every place but where you don’t want them to go.

The election is over, but it isn’t really.  Is 2013 going to turn Virginia into hanging chad Florida?

Who has winterized their plants and house?  My winterizing consisted of getting the winter pansies put in.  Nothing cheers me up like winter pansies.  Well…rosemary Christmas trees come pretty close.

Too close to count in Virginia so let’s change the rules

Rachel Maddow traces the discovery of the missing ballots in Fairfax County, starting with Ben Tribbett’s declaration that it appeared that around 3,000 ballots were missing from District 8.   Ben Tribbett is the blogmeister of NotLarrySabato blog as well as a local democratic.

The real crime here is the way those provisional ballots have to be counted.  I have never heard of anyone having to go in person to defend their ballot.  Several facts remain clear.  Cuccinelli should have resigned as Attorney General.  There is simply too much room for conflict of interest, especially with some of his prior … nice way to say this, conflict of interest.  He chose not to follow tradition and do the right thing.

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