Super Storm Denial?

It’s difficult to deny that super storms are simply getting larger,  more ferocious and more devastating.  Tornadoes in Oklahoma were on the ground for 40 minutes and created a path the size of 23 football fields.  Unbelievable!   Typhoon Yolanda, (Hiayan)) which hit the Philippines last week  had winds in excess of 225 miles per hour.   What could be left standing after winds that speed?  Many scientists see this super storm phenomena as stemming from the climate warming up.  Warmer climates lead to warmer water in the oceans.

All the climate change deniers have raced out to deny yet another time that this recent bout of storms has anything to do with climate change or the earth warming.  Tell that to the people in Tacloban City, Philippines who are now being advised just to leave the city.  Tacloban  was ground zero for the typhoon strike.   So far about 4,500 dead bodies are presenting a health hazard of mammoth proportion as rescue workers race to bury them in mass graves.  It has been impossible to get food and water to the victims.  The U.S.S. George Washington has arrived and sits off the coast as a hub for rescue efforts.  It can also purify over 100,000 gallons of water per day.  Still people say too little too late.

What is it going to take for us to accept that perhaps mankind might just have a little to do with earth changes?