Moonhowler goes prude: Just some things to think about

We can’t regulate what’s on SNL.  It’s on late and we have choices about what we watch.  We can turn it off if we don’t like it.

What demographic does Lady Gaga appeal to when she isn’t on SNL? Girls and teens?  Is this video what you want your 15 year old watching?  Wasn’t R. Kelly convicted of battery, and other disturbances?  His rap sheet is not short.  He also married a 15 year old girl.  The marriage was annulled.  Then there were the charges about pornography with underage girls.  He was aquitted.  Regardless, he has role model issues.

While some people, in particular, Republicans, spend a great deal of energy trying to set down moral codes about this, that and the other, from abortion to gay rights, from sex ed to contraception, it seems to me that the obvious is being overlooked.

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Comet ISON

What a neat graphic. I wish Prince William County had a public viewing area for astronomy events. We also have the Leonid Meteor Shower coming up on November 18. It isn’t predicted to be a good show. People used to gather at night out on Sudley Road right past the Stone House to do their skywatching. Then the Battlefield got all prissy and closed in the area, making it no longer a picnic area.

Silver Lake could also be used as a celestial observation point. The last time I talked to anyone about it, there wre all sorts of regulations and costs. Does anyone have any ideas for a cost effective spot for looking at the night sky?