Flat earther Rep. Broun serves on House Science Committee

From USNEWS.com this time last year, Rep. Paul Broun declared:

” … that evolution and the Big Bang Theory were “lies straight from the pit of hell,” but Broun doesn’t believe that will negatively affect his chances of retaining a seat on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee in the next session of Congress.

“Congressman Broun intends to return to the Science Committee providing his waiver to serve on three committees is extended,” spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti told U.S. News on Monday. “We expect to know by the end of the week.”

In a rousing Sept. 27 [2012] speech at Liberty Baptist Church in Hartwell, Ga., Broun dismissed several widely held scientific beliefs.

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3 nanny states ban Thanksgiving Day shopping


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Shoppers won’t be lining up for Thanksgiving Day deals at stores in Rhode Island. They can’t.

While in other parts of the country retailers will offer holiday deals starting Thursday, most big stores in Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts are barred by law from opening on the holiday. It’s the legacy of so-called “blue laws,” which prohibit large supermarkets, big box stores and department stores from opening on Thanksgiving.

Some business groups complain it’s an unnecessary barrier during an era of 24-hour online shopping, and there have been some recent failed legislative attempts to change things. But many shoppers, workers and even retailers say they’re satisfied with the status quo: a one-day reprieve from work and holiday shopping.

So the Blue Laws are alive and well in New England.  I hate Thanksgiving Day shopping.  I think it is horribly unfair to workers who might like to be home with their families.  However, the ban is totally nanny state.  Perhaps a less offensive way to  regulate retail business being conducted on federal holidays is to have state laws requiring businesses to pay double time or triple time wages.  That way, the workers aren’t being totally screwed.  How many people would volunteer to work on those days for that kind of money?  Probably a great many.

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