Once again, it’s increasingly difficult to get out of my driveway.  All day long I have charter buses, school buses, trucks and regular automobiles full of people going up and down my street.  The daily rescue squad also screams down the street–at least once a day.  Why am I so blessed?  I live near a county water park.  I also live near soccer fields and baseball fields.  The athletic fields are what really bring the traffic in, car after car after car.

When I first read about Old Pace West athletic fields staying on the county books, even though the facility was being sold to private industry, I breathed a sigh of relief.  At least they weren’t being moved to MY neighborhood, with all the little baseball players and their family cars.  That’s really what NIMBY is.  Selfishness.  I was really glad that locally owned QBE, the company that bought Old Pace West, worked out a deal with the county.

Actually, this deal works really well for all concerned.  The PWC School Board sold its old school that it no longer has use for.  The school had athletic fields which the county gets to continue to use in exchange for QBE’s land tax on those fields.  Great business partnership on display here.  QBE doesn’t need athletic fields.   QBE pays taxes each month.  The county then reimburses  QBE for the taxes on the athletic fields.   What a great partnership.  More businesses should take advantage of public/private partnerships that benefit the public like this one does.

There might be just one little catch though, that can easily be rectified.  A year or two ago a huge stink was made because some of our supervisors were involved with organizations in one capacity or another.  For instance, Marty Nohe sat on the board of directors for the Boys and Girls Club.  I believe Maureen Caddigan did also.  Both supervisors were publically criticized for not disclosing their relationship with these organizations that received county funds.  In fact, there was a resolution passed that required supervisors to disclose their affiliation with organizations that received county benefits.  The supposed concern revolved around conflict of interest and public funds being funneled to non profit organizations.

When I recently learned that Pete Candland had changed jobs and now works for QBE, I wondered, had he had publically notified the BOCS that he works for QBE, a company who is reimbursed monthly for their taxes because of the agreement to lease athletic fields in exchange for a tax break ?  I can’t find anyone who has heard him do so.

I would have thought this disclosure would have been one of the first things out of Pete Candland’s mouth after he changed jobs since it was he who raised hell over his colleagues, the other supervisors, sitting on various boards without making a public disclosure  as to their affiliation with county partners and organizations.   Just checking the list of board members of the Boys and Girls Club, I see the names Caddigan,  Nohe, May, Jenkins, and school board member Betty Covington.  The Boys and Girls Club is an excellent organization that provides many services for thousands of Prince William County youth.  The regional organization  does get money from the BOCS.  It’s a partnership with the county that really transcends anything monetary when thinking about tutoring help, after school activities, and just keeping kids off the street.

The QBE athletic fields are a valuable asset also.  The benefits of those fields reach a whole lot of kids out in the Haymarket/Gainesville area.    Hopefully, Pete and his ever-vocal supporters will apply the same standards to himself that he expected  others to do.





25 Thoughts to “Supervisor Candland, did you forget something?”

  1. Friar Tuck

    Oh Lord, its hard to be humble

  2. Wendy

    Maybe he’ll find a way to blame overpaid, underworked, over benefitted staff that can’t add.

  3. Foxglove

    No doubt.

    Maybe he will tell them their numbers are wrong or create work for others to do in addition to their regular jobs.

  4. It should be understood that the County pays rent in the amount of the real estate tax assessed for the fields.

    The property belonged to the school board, as I understand it.

  5. Apparently there is to be no disclosure.

    I guess everyone else has to confess to being linked to a charity situation but Pete.

    Does he want to wear the Hypocrite Tag?

  6. Nope

    If I read this correctly they are giving the county the use of the land (that they could otherwise sell/develop) for the price of the property taxes of that part of their property. That sounds to me like a net zero deal and in no way compares to what Nohe and Caddigan were doing.

    1. Actually it’s the complete opposite of what you are saying. The Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit organization, while QBE is a for profit company. And while I am not suggesting that anything nefarious is going on, I expect for equal treatment for all supervisors.

      If its a rule for one, its a rule for all. Pete is not exempt just because he pushed for the resolution.

      What is it that you think Nohe and Caddigan financially gained for advocating for county money for the Boys and Girls Club which serves a multitude of our own at-risk kids.

  7. Mom

    Moon, all of those agreements between QBE, PWC, PWCS and the Town of Haymarket were done long before Peter was employed by them. There really is nothing for him to disclose unless some new issue, application or contract comes up. At that point I fully expect that Pete would disclose his employment by QBE and recuse himself from any vote. It is my understanding that unlike the other entities noted, QBE is not receiving any direct funding from PWC for its own programs, but rather being having some of their costs offset in providing existent athletic fields now under their control to the public and the county for use.

    Using QBE and the fields is really a bad example as its not nearly as simple as it is being portrayed because of all the moving parts involved, ie: terms of the purchase from PWCS, considerations as part of the rezoning done by the Town of Haymarket, provisions for a boundary adjustment agreed to by PWC and the Town to consolidate the property and the actual terms of the fields use agreement between QBE and PWC. Again, all of this was accomplished well prior to Pete’s employment.

    1. It doesn’t matter because it is an ongoing financial arrangement. It wasn’t just an event. Each month the tax amount will be refunded.

      What other entities? QBE pays its tax bill and PWC reimburses them that amount of money.

      There isn’t a think wrong with what is going on in my opinion. I just want everyone to play by the same rules. Wasn’t that what the new resolution said about supervisors having some sort of relationship with organizations that provide services to the county or have some other partnership relationship?

      I am not even going to try to figure out the Haymarket end of it.

  8. Wendy

    There’s always an explanation. And a rationalization. I’m sure Nohe had one.

  9. Nope

    It looks to me that PWC is the beneficiary of this deal and not QBE. Isn’t that the complete opposite of what Nohe and Caddigan were invovled in?

    1. NOhe and Caddigan served on the Board of Boys and Girls Club who received money from PWC.

      QBE is absolutely getting something back in return. They pay less taxes. Quid Pro Quo. PWC gets athletic fields. QBE doesn’t pay taxes on the fields.

      The resolution said that supervisors were to disclose their relationships with partners. Why do you feel Pete is exempt? Obviously several people here feel he shouldn’t have to disclose his employer.

      There is nothing wrong with anything anyone is doing, that I can tell. Pete just needs to disclose that QBE is his employer. Sounds simple enough to me.

  10. Several of Pete Candland’s fans seem to have a reading problem. I never said anyone did anything wrong or that there was anything wrong with QBE having a financial arrangement with the county. What I said was, in the interest of everyone playing by the same rules, Mr. Candland needs to disclose that he works for this company since the arrangement is ongoing and money changes hands monthly according to county records.

    Unlike some folks, I don’t assume everything anyone does is wrong or sneaky. I feel confident Mr. Candland just forgot or it didn’t occur to him that this arrangement is similar to what others have been criticized for not disclosing.

    Its just a matter of everyone playing by the same rules. I feel confident Mr. Candland will fix the situation now he is aware of it.

  11. To those with the reading disability–just consider it a housekeeping issue. A friendly reminder to keep everything looking good.

  12. My My My! I seem to have upset some folks in Sherwood Forest.

    You would think I called their favorite son a “bobble head” or a “media whore.” I certainly did not. I simply asked a supervisor to disclose information just like he insisted that his colleagues do in the past. I haven’t name called. That would be rude.

    I am just not sure why some insist on distorting my words. It makes no sense. My information comes straight from county documents. Yet I am called a liar. I can sleep well at night. I know the source of my information. Anyone can get it. Just ask.

  13. Wendy

    A case of protesting too much? It’s clearly the same person posting and posting again. This is not a big deal, the hypocrisy is. Sherwood doesn’t like you for you are far too independent. You really need to learn that your role is to to accept counsel..

    1. Sit down, shut up, and mind? Do as I am told to do? Not a chance!!!

  14. Elena


    It sounds like you are missing Moon’s point. You know she is all about “fair is fair” even when it irritates me.

    I am quite confident, especially in Marty’s case, that PWC already had a relationship with the Boys and Girls club when he became a volunteer board member (receiving no monetary gain).

    Pete joined QBE after a financial partnership was established.

    What is the difference? I see none.

    Honestly, the problem I see here is more about the county not serving its people by having real community centers and that is what probably should have happened with Pace as is the preference for Nokesville Elementary. Either way the taxpayers pay, and I would say a better use for all citizens would have been to turn Pace West into a community center! Now all we get are a few ball fields. Do we know how much use they actually get?

  15. Mom

    Elena, you’re preaching to the choir. Pace West should have been converted into a Community Center but the BOCS didn’t have the balls to make it happen and PWCS was all too willing to take pennies on the dollar for the property.

    Currently the fields are heavily used but that may not be the case for long.

    When the property was first sold to QBE at half the market value, one of the provisions of the sale was the fields be kept available to the public nearly in perpetuity, thus the reason QBE only paid half the market value. After the sale when QBE applied to have the property rezoned and the boundaries adjusted to be completely within the Town of Haymarket, they suddenly screamed (as part of the rezoning application) that it wasn’t fair to require those fields be held open to public use in perpetuity as that would both hinder any sale of the property and make it difficult for them to realize full market value when and if they decided to sell the property. If you ask me its a nice scam to double your money in a hurry, buy at half price sell at full price plus.

    That deal never should have gone anywhere but at that point the Mayor Without a Compass of Haymarket entered the negotiations with his buddies (and campaign supporters) at QBE, presto, the requirement to maintain the fields only exists so long as QBE owns the property. The only other proviso is that the Town has the right of first refusal if the fields go up for sale.

    1. That is all the deal with the school board? That doesn’t seem to be in the county documents.

  16. Mom

    Oh, and all of this happened long before Pete was hired.

    1. Right. The reason Pete should disclose that he works there is because there is an on-going, monthly money exchange with a for profit company for whom he works. It sounds like he is an officer in the company. Additionally, he obviously has a previous relationship with the company’s owner.

      I don’t like the idea that everyone has to disclose whatever relationship with a partner(the ball fields makes QBE a partner) but Pete, especially after he saber rattled over other people being on various boards or people’s wives having a connection.

  17. Wendy

    Doesn’t matter. It is. @MoM

  18. Elena

    thanks for reminding me Mom, I knew there was something stinky about that entire deal initially. So it sounds like citizens were doubly screwed. And this is the company Pete chose to work for?

    In any event, fair is fair, and if the new rules are Supervisors must disclose their relationship with a PWC “partner”, then Pete should have done so.

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