Local GOP stalwart Bob FitzSimmonds resigned his post as state party treasurer in light of controversial comments he made about Muslims and members of other faiths on Facebook, or has he?  As of today, he is still on the job.  Did he really resign or was he just kidding?

The Republican State Central Committee met over the weekend and took no action to replace him.  Many party leaders have called for him to step down, including Prince William GOP chairman  William Card.  Mr. FitzSimmonds ‘antiquated ideas on the roles of people other than Christians in the United States hinder Republican efforts to increase the size of their tent or reach out beyond the current demographics of their party.  Failure to succeed in that task could mean the demise of the Republican party, and of a viable two party system in the United States. 

For their own good, Republicans should show Mr. FitzSimmonds the door and do so quickly, especially before the November election.  The constituency of voters that finds satisfaction in admonishing and belittling others because of their faith is rapidly diminishing.  The Founding Fathers would have kicked Mr. FitzSimmonds swiftly in the ass for substituting his own prejudices for inclusive good government that services the interests of everyone regardless of their religion. 

Apparently, Mr. FitzSimmonds’ version of America is Christian only.  While many people might be quite comfortable with this arrangement, that isn’t really how America looks.  The Republican Party must become a party that includes people other than white males who are usually Christian.   Extinction is a distinct possibility if the GOP fails to get a bigger tent.  Harboring a hater at the top level is just no way to attract new customers.



13 Thoughts to “FitzSimmonds resigns, or does he?”

  1. Elena

    I still have the flyer he sent when he ran against Colgan. It was disgusting. It showed people coming across the southern border, dirty, disheveled, and carrying garbage bags. I sent him an email and told him I was shocked at his behavior. He was a loser then and he is a loser now.

  2. Wendy

    Maybe he’s waiting for a gay couple requests a marriage license in PWC

    1. What will FitzSimmonds do that? Launch an attack on gays? I wonder which epithet he will use in his attack….

    2. Speaking of lawsuits, who is paying for McQuigg to sue the state over gay marriage? There has been little focus on that? Is this a PWC initiative or is she using state funds?

      She needs to go. She and her boy Bob.

  3. Pat.Herve

    Well, supposedly, the RPV Chair has called on Fitz to resign several times over several issues over the past year. I laugh as this flies in the face of the usual R phrase of – just fire him – why do they not just say – you are no longer welcome here and are no longer an officer!

    1. I guess he has protection from someone. Not sure who.

  4. Scout

    As Brian at Bearing Drift immediately noted, this was a very conditioned resignation and was put off so far in the future that it may not actually happen. Bob is probably banking on the notion that by the time he actually has to make good on his promise, new distractions will have arisen and everyone will just forget about it.

    1. They probably will. Except, there are Republicans who are saber-rattling to get his butt out of there. He is seen around here as a spoiler.

      I want to know who is paying for his boss’s lawsuit.

  5. Scout

    Who is his boss?

    1. Is day job boss is Michele McQuigg, clerk of the court who is also suing Virginia to keep gay marriage illegal. I don’t think that is exactly what her lawsuit say but that’s the general intent. I want to know who is paying for that lawsuit. I sure hope *I* am not paying for it with my tax dollars.

  6. Scout

    Are you referring to the lawsuit on same sex marriage?

  7. Censored bybvbl

    McQuiggs lawyer is Byrone Babione of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

    Just how much leeway do Clerks of the Court have in pursuing these issues?

    1. I don’t understand her involvement at all. Is this something she is personally opposed to? If that is the case, then by all means we should allow her to resign her elected post.

      Otherwise, follow the law. I just want to know who is paying for it.

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