Former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell had just explained, with a heart-breaking letter and a sotto voce delivery, that his marriage was in shambles. He went on from there to describe how those personal woes sucked him into a public corruption case.

He testified that first lady Maureen McDonnell was seeking money, attention and maybe even affection from a charming, free-spending businessman. McDonnell told the jury he was in the dark about his wife’s affairs, both financial and (non-physically) romantic.

And so the first criminal case in history against a Virginia governor could come down to this: Does McDonnell, self-professed micromanager and 2012 vice presidential prospect, make a convincing chump?

“Maureen, I manage the finances,” McDonnell said he told his wife upon learning (belatedly, he claimed) that she had borrowed $50,000 from then-Star Scientific executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

Did he manage them or not?

I have been sucked into this political soap opera just like it is Dallas, back in “Who shot J. R.” days.  I tune in after each day in court.  It isn’t even that I dislike Bob McDonnell.  I dislike some of the things he did–extremely dislike. (Gov. Ultra-sound)  On the flipside, I also like some of the things he did, like just saying NO to Common Core.  So this isn’t a matter of like or dislike.  It’s a matter of just being incredulous.

Is Bob McDonnell really this big of a chump?  It sounds like it.  How about the evil wife, Maureen “Cruella Deville” McDonnell?   Was she a scheming harlot or a supporting wife, just trying to get a few Rolex watches for her loving husband?  Past the intrigue, did either of them break the law?

Maureen wasn’t an elected official.  I am not sure how she could have broken the law.  McDonnell was governor.  I am not sure Virginia governors have any laws to break.  It seems like anything goes.

I want the prosecutors to look into why VRS was buying Star Scientific stock. That just seems a little too coincidental  Why would a pension fund worth billions, a pension fund that can tap into any hedge fund in America, be diddling around with Star Scientific trash stock?  I am willing to bet that someone in a decision making capacity over at VRS or one of its brokers got a phone call that originated inside the executive mansion.  Now that’s a real story and that’s where the corruption is.

Why this nose on your face fact is being ignored by the SEC or the media is simply baffling.


21 Thoughts to “Is McDonnell just an innocent chump?”

  1. punchak

    I, for one, cannot understand, how a man can drag his wife in the dirt like he has done.
    After all, she was with him through five kids and political campaigning. She might have been “difficult to live with”, but surely he didn’t have to paint her the way he did.
    Wonder how his kids feel about this? Reading all this about their mother, spoken by their father.

    1. Funny, the different reactions. I see HER as the villain. I think he might be doing it so he doesn’t go to jail. She basically compromised him legally and politically.

      I see him as a chump and her as grabby trash.

  2. punchak

    Agree with you on both accounts. Well put, Moon!

  3. Elena

    His political career is done, either way. He either likes like he is willing to sacrifice his wife to save himself, or he looks weak. She looks like a witch and the kids are probably incredibly depressed over the entire debacle. He didn’t mind the rolex or having someone shell out 15 grand to pay for his daughters caterer for the wedding food, and the wife, well, she sounds like a shrew!

    I read his love letter to his wife and at the end of the day, its all about feeling loved isn’t it. I think we can all see ourselves a little in this struggling marriage I imagine.

  4. The email made me sad for him. I don’t think he is a bad person, just a chump.

    She is coming across in the worst light possible.

    Shall we take bets on how soon they end up in divorce court?

    Will she get alimony?

    I don’t want him to go to prison. I wouldn’t care a bit if she had to get used to orange being the new black.

    1. Oh I n4ver said innocent. Just a chump and I felt sorry for him. (in some sort of sick way)

  5. Mom

    Chump, yes (in more ways than one), innocent, not by a long shot. (and yes Moon we do eat our own)

  6. blue

    McDonnell has said that when he personally was involved with Williams he treated the businessman the same way he’d treat any other donor or any other Virginia entrepreneur. He stressed that even when he personally accepted a loan from Williams for his real estate business — as compared to the personal gift for Obama’ home — he never did anything “inappropriate,” noting that Virginia’s gift laws at the time were relatively lax.

    My sense here is that we should not forget that that a big part of this is political. Recent efforts to use the courts and prosecution as a political tool is not limited to McDonnell. I would also suggest that we take care to acknowledge that we might find the unintended consequence of this is that only wealthy people can run for office or afford to be in office.

    1. Its pretty much that way now. Look at Congress. Who do we know poor running for office other than occasionally a local seat.

  7. middleman

    My sense here is that McDonnell probably wishes he had never heard of Todd Schneider, the disgruntled former chef who turned him in. Uncovering this scandal wasn’t political, it was personal.

    McDonnell’s story strains credulity. He set up meetings minutes after receiving gifts, for example. Quid pro quo? I think so!

    People would probably forgive him for the financial stuff, but intentionally dragging his family through the mud with a “blame the wife” strategy will turn off a lot of people. He’s even temporarily living in a church property to make it look good! What a stand-up christian!

    1. I would have more respect for him if he bitch-slapped that trashy wife of his. I think she is trashy not because of jonnie Williams and the “crush.” S— happens. But she is just grabby and greedy. That’s why I call her trashy.

  8. Pat.Herve

    Lawyer, Former Prosecutor, Former Attorney General, Governor – he knew it was wrong to accept the amount of cash and gifts he received from one individual. If there was nothing wrong with the gifts, he would have reported them.

    Also – the ‘legalize’ of – well, the money was loaned to my business, not to me! A business that he was 50% owner in!! Really! He thinks he is off the hook because the money went directly to the business.

  9. Emma

    I’m not buying that he’s dragging his poor wife through the mud. I think they’re both in this together, and they’re both crooked trash just trying to get through this unscathed.

    1. You very well could be right. He is just a more sympathetic character at this point.

    2. In fact, I think both are really bad actors. I don’t pity him now. They are just looting scum.

  10. Pat.Herve


    Could be very true. They were holding hands and living together until very recently – even though they were already working on this defense.

  11. Ed Myers

    I would have taken the misdemeanor plea deal if I truly loved my wife and my family. I’d roll the dice on a trial only if I didn’t care about anything but winning an acquittal and getting publicity and name recognition for the next political campaign.

    I think they conspired to come up with this narrative and will “glory be, praise The Lord” reconcile after the trial is over ( provided they are not convicted. )

  12. Starry flights

    Adams family values

  13. Cargosquid

    @Starry flights
    Don’t besmirch the Addams. THEY were honest.

  14. Lyssa

    They are a political team and crummy parents to do this to their kids….

  15. Wolve

    “Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix.”

    Looks like Samson may not have been the only one to fall for that line.

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