Manassas City Council Trifecta


If you drive around the City of Manassas, most yards with political signs have the same three signs–Bass/Elston/Richie-Folks.  So what, you might ask? 4  individuals are running for City Council–2 Republicans and 2 Democrats. This trifecta is 1 Republican and 2 Democrats.   It seems that most folks, by an overwhelming majority, like this bi-partisan combination of leaders to represent them.

It appears, if yard signs and talk tell the story, that most City folk reject extremist views and penny-pinching  when it comes to public safety, schools and overall quality-of-life issues.  The people of Manassas want some  of their money going to the arts and those things that make living in Manassas fun.  They want their leaves scooped up at the curb, their pot holes filled, their schools to attract and maintain quality teachers, and their  Old Town activities to enhance their lives.

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