Moon-Howler is out of sorts…for a while

I am having some major repair/remodeling work done and it has turned me into a crazy person.  Right now I don’t even have a bathroom.  Well, I have a bathroom, I just don’t have a door on it.  Now, that might not bother some people.  Me?  Yea, I like a little privacy.  I felt like I was brushing my teeth in the middle of Grand Central Station.  Right now, the doors are out on a tree in front of the house.

door tree


This is so bizarre.  I feel like nothing will ever be the same again.  Now I know why I put up with the filth, dust and dated look.  I knew that if I did anything about it my entire life would be turned upside down.

The dogs are protesting also.  The two boys are lifting their legs on everything.  I think they think if they mark their territory nothing will be moved.  That nasty habit will have to be broken.   Today, Day 1 of the remodel,  saw both boys outside, bright and early.  I double dog dare one to lift a leg when this is all done.

Any advice on how to survive this?

What restaurants are open for Thanksgiving?

Bear with me,  this week.  My muse is keeping time to a circular saw and nail gun.