I have nothing to say.  However, I was accused of becoming a blog I distained so I think I will just go for it, rather than be hung as a wolf.  I just won’t make fun of people, tempting though it is.

I decided I was not going to subject myself to that kind of scrutiny over voting.  I am an American.  I had been warned by a couple Republican friends who were in the know that I would probably not be allowed to vote.  I had voted in the 2013 Democratic primary for Lt. Governor.  I had also voted in a Republican one but who’s counting.


I had plans to vote but after last week’s mailers, I decided that it really wasn’t worth my time.  I really want Michele McQuigg out of there.  More on that next week.  I had planned on supporting Corey.  I was pretending he wasn’t running his mouth about immigration.  Then came the pro-life letter.

That letter hit the mailbox on Thursday.  It was a deal breaker.  I don’t usually get involved in reproductive issues at the supervisor level.  There is plenty of that to go around at the state level.  Other than zoning issues, it really isn’t all that important if a supervisor is pro-choice and to date, that has only come up over some silly letter once with the BOCS.

So why did Corey have to beat us over the head with his pro life stance?  I have no idea but he needs to know that he should avoid that subject during local elections.  He lost 4 votes from the Howler household.  It just wasn’t necessary.  I am proudly pro-choice. I don’t need the government to make deeply personal decisions for me or any other women in my family.  My friends are intelligent also and can think for themselves, especially about morally appropriate decisions for themselves.  We need no help from Big Brother.

I am tired of people trying to wear their “Republican cred.”  Most of the time it is ill-fitting and just makes them look stupid.  Are power lines and water lines Democratic or Republican?  Are schools Democrats or Republicans?  Are zoning laws liberal or conservative?  How about stop signs and paved roads?

Other than Marty, I hope every last one of them loses.  Bill Card needs to resign for being such a nincompoop.  Corey needs to think about how to reach out to everyone if he wants to remain chairman.  McQuigg needs to crawl back under her homophobic rock and make a list of all legal celebrants based on all who apply rather than those who pass her litmus test.  Austin needs to come up with better lines to use.  Oh, and one last thing while I am still on my soap box.  Pete needs to tell his friend to watch the developer pockets remarks at other people.  Pete’s biggest donor category comes from real estate and development.  Don’t let your hypocrisy be so easy to trace.

What are the election results?  Who all got screwed?

12 Thoughts to “The very bad no-good Republican firehouse caucus”

  1. The incumbents all won. Chapman beat Lee Price. How did that happen? I haven’t gotten over his dishonest run in the 50th, lying about Harry Parrish.

    This run off should have never gone this route, in my not so humble opinion.

    It looks like targeting some folks for three years really didn’t pay off. Ho Ho Ho.

    Has Messier run as many times as Rick Fitzsimmonds?

    Corey, reproductive rights are explosive issues. Avoid them at all costs when possible. That’s the best political advice I can give.

    I would also steer away from immigration. You have ridden that horse and then beaten it again and again. No one likes a dead horse. in 2015, in a majority minority county, taking a stand on immigration such as yours is like drinking political hemlock. It didn’t bite your ass this time but it very well could in the general election.

    You politicians that “play to your base” are just being disingenuous. Don’t advertise that you wave in the breeze. Your “non-base” is going to remember stuff come election time.

  2. PS

    I like Corey but geez. I am glad he won but he had to do it without my help. I do have my standards.

    Corey, sell yourself on your many accomplishments and leave the ideology out of it.

  3. Lyssa

    Looks like the Gainesville gang lost tonight. Even in Gainesville. The “commoners” have spoken. Yay Marty!!!!

    1. Ha! All these months and months o personal attacks, especially aimed at Marty sure didn’t pay off. What I find the most disgusting is the outright lies being told. Then when lies are pointed out, we get this oh…well you are stupid, you don’t recognize satire.

      I think I recognize satire as well as the next guy, when its done correctly. For instance, I watch Jon Stewart nightly. You can’t do that without a pretty keen understanding of the concept of satire. However, you can’t tell outright lies on people and then try to mask it by calling it “satire.” No. Lies are lies. Trying to cover up the stench of a lie by calling it satire only makes one look like more of a liar.

  4. Friar Tuck

    Here is the vote breakdown by district. The sheriff is not as powerful as he wants people to think he is. Even in this arena – his influence should have been greater. Gainesville went for Stewart.


  5. Watching

    The Sheriff isn’t powerful at all. Okay, we know he has one certain vote on his “reduce the taxes kill the government” issue. But as of today I think that’s it. I believe we are getting toward the end of all this ridiculousness with Pete Candland and the person who drives everything he does. I am sure the death spiral of a certain blog might vicious and ugly, but it will happen. What goes around comes around.

  6. Confused

    The challenger lost each and every district. Enough said.

  7. Ray Beverage

    Chapman winning in Woodbridge at least gives Supervisor Principi a good chance of being reelected. I have come to actually like him as he has matured in office over his first term. I like his stand on supporting Human Services.

    And for Republicans in Woodbridge, it is sort of telling when you look at the results…only 391 total voted for a Supervisor? And numbers also low across the other positions.

    Like I said, I got a hunch Frank will have a good chance of returning.

  8. Scout

    Unless Chapman has matured considerably (make that astronomically) since his ill-fated political debut a few years ago, his candidacy is a complete, thigh-slapping joke. Where in the world do these people come from and what possibly makes them think they should hold public office? I fear that the answer may be the lack of options in the non-political world.

    1. Agreed, Scout. I have blood in my eye for him since how he treated Harry Parrish. I wasn’t even a big Parrish fan and I found Chapman’s behavior totally unacceptable.

  9. Wombat

    You’re right Moon — every time I start feeling better about Corey he does something that makes it SO hard to support him!

  10. Wombat

    In face of the Firehouse Massacre -the only Republican candidate for Supervisor that the SoN gang is likely to even want to support is Ruth Anderson. I suspect Earnie Porta is going to be squarely in the “Gainesville Mafia’s” sights. Rich Anderson has been seen bending Mac Haddow’s ear regularly these days. Rich has a great “nice guy” reputation but he votes like a Tea Party loyalist. Will he and his wife put the “nice guy” facade aside to get Ruth elected?

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