Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson was there to lend her support to her fellow Republicans. Lawson said she had endorsed Sheriff Glen Hill as well as current County Clerk of the Court Michele McQuigg who is running against Republican challenger Austin Haynes.

“They both did an excellent job in their positions. I think they deserve to be reelected,” Lawson said.

However, when it came to the Chairman’s race, Lawson said she has decided as a supervisor to not issue an endorsement either way.

I do NOT think Michele McQuigg has done an excellent job.  However, Ms. Lawson may think what she wants.  That’s her right.  Jeanine Lawson did the mature, professional  thing, however, by not issuing an endorsement for either Republican supervisor being challenged.

Let’s face it, she has to work with both Stewart and Nohe as long as she and they are in office.  Ms. Lawson apparently is capable of looking down the road and this decision clearly indicates that she is willing to build coalitions rather than using a daisy cutter on every issue and governing with conflict.

Pete Candland needs to take a page out of Ms. Lawson’s handbook.  Open support for a candidate opposing one of his colleagues just isn’t the smart thing to do.  Four years is a long time.    Pssssst!  Pete–start thinking for yourself.  Turn off that thundering voice stage-whispering in your ear.


20 Thoughts to “Jeanine Lawson plays it smart on supervisor endorsements”

  1. greg

    Lawson’s husband donated to Paul O’Meara. She may have been a little bit more tactful in her support but still opposed Marty.

  2. Wendy

    Well tactful is a blessed relief from her crowd.

  3. ElGuapo

    Perhaps Lawson will understand that just happened and start to think for herself. The Candland brand just lost all of its value.

    Forming her own independant budget committee would be a good start.

  4. clueless

    Lawson has a chance at a redo. she needs to jump ship from the Mac and Pete show and her own budget committee is a good start.

  5. Lyssa

    Lawson is still new; hopefully she’ll stand more on her own now and distance herself. A separate budget committee for Brentsville would send the right message. The citizens deserve that.

  6. @Wendy

    Absolutely, Wendy. Tact is something that is sorely missing from the Gainesville District.

    There are too many of the “if it feels good, say it” in that crowd.

  7. Leveleer

    The Sheriff was quick to take a victory lap when Candland’s pick for Brentsville won. He can take the blame for all of the candidates Candland endorsed loosing.

    People just got tired of his dirty politics. Candland needs to ditch the Sheriff and clean up his act.

    Lawson needs to get as far away as possible. She jumped on the wrong ship. Its time to jump Candland’s ship and go her own way. All Candland is doing is dragging Lawson, and everyone he supports, down.

  8. Wendy


    Ms. Lawson should forge her own relationships with county agencies working with key staff and form her own opinions. Plenty of time before the next budget cycle begins. If she wants to…..

  9. Wombat

    Ms. Lawson heavily courted the Sheriff and his gang while trying to get elected. That’s unfortunate because 1) it makes her hard to trust and 2) if she does decide to become an independent operator he will of course turn on her in a heartbeat. The good news is his influence is coming to an end. There’s a lot of room for diverse points of view on the BOCS, and arguments are inevitable. Supervisors should be able to take strong stands. But hopefully now everyone can see that personal attacks and false accusations are no substitute for honest, pragmatic leadership and forging constructive relationships. I hope Ms. Lawson has had her eyes opened and will move in a positive direction. If she does and is subsequently attacked by SoN — Moon, she will need your and our support!

    1. I will give it to her if I feel she is right.

      A good example of what you are talking about is the attacks on Alyson Satterwhite. She was the fair haired child until she wasn’t. She must have exercised independent thinking. Some pretty hideous things have been said about her now.

  10. Wombat

    Exactly. I’ve even heard one theory that Candland himself is feeling a bit trapped by his ties to SoN – knowing that if he ever expresses an independent thought or (God forbid) attempts to reach out to collaborate with fellow board members he will become the newest blog fodder. What a horrible position to be in, and with only yourself to blame!

  11. Leveleer

    Jeanine Lawson wouldn’t be a Supervisor if Pete Candland didn’t “do what he had to do” to ensure she would win the election.

    I wonder if jeanine actually has it in her to think for herself. The absolute rejection of Candland’s tax plan and his choses ones should send a message.

    I hope Jeanine understands what being on a losing team will look like for the next for years.

  12. ElGuapo


    Marty Nohe should send Pete Candland a thank you card. His election was a rejection of the dirty politics that are now Candland’s brand. This rejection of everything Candland stands for is Prince William County’s way of reclaiming its soul.

    This will probably be Candland’s last rodeo for Gainesville. The people who live there are growing tired of the embarrassment Candland causes them, and to the lows Candland is willing to go to get his way.

  13. ElGuapo

    Thanks for all you did during the election Moon. Voices like yours made a difference!

  14. Al

    Interesting election. Everyone thought that a Party Canvas would change the outcome (compared to an open primary).

    It turns out Republicans returned incumbents for another turn behind the Dias. I suspect there is a message in the results about just what Prince William County looks like these days… at least what Eastern Prince William County looks like.

    1. The excuses are flying all over the place by the wanna-be king makers. Excuses and lies.

      Let’s see…many conflicts in thinking. Corey won in the east. Corey will have a hard time winning in the east. Well which is it? And finally, who are those Republicans going to vote for? Rick Smith?

  15. Wombat

    ElGuapo :
    This rejection of everything Candland stands for is Prince William County’s way of reclaiming its soul.

    Very well put — I do think PW Citizens finally stood up, both during the budget process and with the election and said they are done with the Candland/Haddow scorched earth approach. What’s most encouraging e is that the other supervisors have finally figured out they do not need to be scared by the boogey man – that monster doesn’t have any teeth!

    1. Not everyone is mean-spirited. For every nasty post about Corey, Marty or Maureen, I found 10 people who came to their defense.

      Most people don’t like mean-spirited bullying. I think Corey was probably at the top of his popularity when he started getting picked on and lied about.

  16. Someone obviously has hurt SoN’s feelings. At least that is what I think he was driving at.

    No victory laps here. I didn’t vote in that election. I endorsed a candidate I could not vote for. That keeps life exciting.

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