If you see smoke and flames at Dulles International Airport on Saturday, don’t panic.

It’s only a drill.

The airport is holding an emergency preparedness exercise to give personnel from across the region a chance to practice their response to a large-scale plane crash. More than 125 volunteers will pose as victims, moulaged to simulate injuries, including broken bones.

As part of the elaborate drill, participants will battle a fire. Others will rescue, treat and transport injured passengers.

The drill will run from 8:30 a.m. to approximately noon. The exercise is being held on a closed runway at the airport and is not expected to impact regular airport operations. Airport officials, however, note that people in nearby communities, particularly those near Routes 606 and 28, and the Dulles Access Road, may see elements of the exercise and should not be alarmed.

Hanging eyeballs, shattered bones, burns, you name it. The “actors” will represent various injuries from a plane crash.  This drill will help emergency first responders react to various types of situations that might present themselves should there be a plane crash.

Volunteers who are moulaged to simulate injuries might also learn some survival skills from from being in the drill.

A local blogger might just have a brother participating in these exercises.  He isn’t sure what his injuries will be.  I guess I will find out and try to report later.  I am not sure if he will give me an exclusive or not.