raccoon                                 skeeter

Animal control in PWC is almost non-existent if you aren’t a dog.  If  a raccoon or skunk moves in and decides to live under your porch or in your shed, you are on your own.  If a rattlesnake takes over your patio, you had better hope you can outrun it or knock it in the head with a big stick.  You had better not shoot it, that would be illegal in some parts of the county.

Mosquito control is really sketchy if you live in my neighborhood.   I have been told again and again that the spray truck cannot come on my street because the speed limit is 35 mph.  In the first place, the  speed limit hasn’t been 35 for at least 20 years.  Secondly, if it comes to cars going to Splashdown or me getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, I am going to vote for my own personal comfort first.  They can just follow the mosquito truck that is going 25 mph.

Mosquitoes are horrible in Sudley and Westgate.  It is impossible to go outside in warm weather without spraying up  with Deep Woods OFF.  We live very close to Bull Run, as the crow flies.  News flash, Prince William County:  Rivers and creeks attract and breed mosquitoes–millions of them!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of my annual fight with the country over mosquito control.   Once more I will insist that my street get sprayed.  I expect I will get told no, once again.   Maybe this is an area where my supervisor can help.  Maybe the county will be commanded to spray my street.   I am not counting on it, however.

While they are at it, the County  can start providing animal control services again, especially for wild animals.  During the recession, it was decided that the citizens were on their own.  Animal services other than for dogs was simply not affordable.  I think it’s time to provide some assistance with larger animals that are places they shouldn’t be, especially as the danger of rabies increases.

What services do other localities provide with skeeters and trespassing critters?

Wish me luck!  I will be reporting back.