No, Rick wasn’t his real name.  I knew that Rick has been sick with pancreatitis.  His Facebook page said he was waiting for a diagnosis of what they now thought was pancreatic cancer.  I didn’t contact him at the time.  I meant to.  Yes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Today I was going to ask him if he had gotten some better news.  I was going to ask him if he needed anything.  As I went to his Fb page I saw the bad news.  Rick died June 26, at his home.  He was 49 year old.  That’s just too effen young to die.

Rick was brilliant.  I followed him on bvbl years ago and was impressed with his reasoning.  He could also irritate the living hell out of all of us at one time or another.  He was a provocateur.

Rick was quite an accomplished movie critic.  He saw most of the new film.  I am sure he got more out of a movie than I ever did.  I sincerely hope he is in some great theater in the sky, chunking down popcorn and having the time of his life.

I thought about posting the obituary here but then decided not to.  He used a moniker here and I will respect that, even in death.

I am extremely saddened by this horrible news.  The good part of it is, he didn’t  suffer long.  He announced on FB that the doctors thought he might have cancer on June 18.  He died on June 26 at his home.

I am heart broken.  I will miss that smart ass horribly.




39 Thoughts to “Rick Bentley RIP 1965-2015”

  1. Ivan

    Agree with him or not, you always read his posts carefully to get his unique perspective on issues. He was an opinionated but well informed man. RIP.

    1. Indeed he was! We might not always have agreed but we did read what he had to say. He posted here once since he posted he was waiting for the definitive diagnosis.

      I worry about all of you when I don’t see you around for a while. Please make sure that I have a real email address for everyone.
      or use my real email if you know it. I will share with all regulars.

  2. Cargosquid

    You may not have given his “blog name” a eulogy…but this one was very nice.

    1. Thanks, Cargo! Means a lot, coming from you. We were all there that day, sitting near each other.

  3. Karla Homoka

    WHAT??!! I saw Rick Bentley’s posts here REGULARLY!! And I’m only a casual visitor! This is devastating! He was a THOUGHTFUL man! He knew right from wrong. He could cut thru the BS that liberals typically spin. Rick, your posts and philosophy will live on in the minds of others!! Hey Rick!! Donald Trump will carry your banner for you!! Donald TELLS THE TRUTH!! And the truth is like kryptonite to liberals and ILL EAGLES (a bad word here :)!! Very, very sad… RIP, Rick!! Whoever you were!!

    1. I doubt if Rick would have had much use for Donald Trump. Rick was too smart.

      I believe I, in another life, first used the word Ill Eagle on a blog. It isn’t a bad word. Calling undocumented immigrants “illegals” is frowned upon just because it is ignorant.

      I wouldn’t try to categorize Rick. He was his own person. He was even more politically schizophrenic than I am.

  4. Steve Thomas

    I pray for “fair winds and following seas” for his voyage home.

  5. Kelly_3406

    This is a huge shock. I am very sorry for the loss of Rick. He will be sorely missed — his arguments were always creative and entertaining and irreverent. My condolences to his family. Thanks Moon for a very fitting tribute to him.

  6. Emma

    I’m glad I had the chance to meet him. R.I.P., Rick.

  7. Pat.Herve

    How sad. He certainly was a movie junkie – and posted a few times on movies not to miss. I have watched some of his suggestions and they were good.

    RIP Rick.

  8. Elena

    You know, this is a sad reminder that life is truly tenuous. Ultimately, control is an illusion and we need to live well and love well.

    Rick was a character and I enjoyed his input and insight, even if I did not always agree. His contributions to this blog will be sorely missed.

    Moon lost a friend and this is a sad day for sure.

  9. Scout

    At a time when too many people take the lazy way out of type-casting themselves with political labels, Rick was his own man, and thought about the issues of the day one at a time. I could not have disagreed with him more on immigration issues, thought he sometimes advertised his anti-religious views largely for shock value, but loved his unpredictability and the fact that he didn’t let some ethereal ideological cant shape his view on everything. Not having his voice here is a loss to all of us.

  10. Rick last posted here on June 24, just 2 days before he died. (subject was the Confederate flag in SC) I think his post gave me a false feeling of security. I thought about emailing him when saw that post. I got side-tracked.

    For those who would like to read his last posts, do a search C(upper right hand corner) on Rick Bentley.

    I think he would be very pleased to know the warm, but honest thoughts people here had about him.

    BTW, where is Wolve? I have not seen that rascal around recently. Anyone seen him in their internet travels? If so, tell him to check in.

  11. I am sorry. Doing that search won’t work for you all. I logged off, tried it, and it just doesn’t work. Maybe someone else found a way to do it?

  12. Karla Homoka

    ” Calling undocumented immigrants “illegals” is frowned upon just because it is ignorant. ” So you call the truth ignorant? Watch out. Donald Trump is using the truth to get a lot of votes. It is something that has not been done in a while…

    1. Grammatically “illegals” is ignorant. “illegal” is an adjective. Socially, “illegals” serves as a dog whistle. I have NEVER met anyone who says “illegals” who doesn’t have very anti-immigration sentiments. Good luck with your Trump campaign. I basically think he is a huge AH.So do most people on this blog, both D, I, and R.

  13. BSinVA

    Karla: Do you believe that Trump has what it takes to make a President that we,as a country, need right now? If so, I will know everything about you that I need to and won’t be asking your opinion about anything again.

    RIP Rick !!

  14. Karla Homoka

    “Do you believe that Trump has what it takes to make a President that we,as a country, need right now?” Yes! You need read no further… since, unlike Trump, you do not want to deal in the truth. But for anyone else interested, Trump knows business, and budgets. Our “acting” president (keyword being “acting”) had no business experience, and has taken our debt from $11 trilliion to $18+ trillion. Secondly, Trump is willing to talk the TRUTH. [********] are… well… ILLEGAL! To Obama (and many others, Jeb included) they are “immigrants”, which is a LIE. “Immigrants” come here with authorization, they respect our laws, they are vetted, and tested for health. There’s just a couple of points. Trump is the little boy who is going to call out the liberals who have been fawning over Obama’s “fine clothes”. Watch out! Trump could get a lot of traction here! The truth is a powerful tool!

    [Ed. note: I spoke to this issue yesterday. Therefore I redacted your comment.]

    But… there is one thing we can agree on… RIP Rick !!

    1. Karla, you may use ignorant speech anywhere you want, just not here.
      You probably need to review the definition of “immigrant.”
      I understand you have a problem with undocumented workers. I understand you feel that people should enter the country with the proper documentation. I think most of us here want the same thing. The problem is, not everyone has that opportunity or the money to do whatever is necessary to come to America. Some people cross our borders illegally, on the sneak. Others overstay their visas, if they are able to get one.

      The question becomes, what do we do about it.

      Trump makes a better businessman than he does a politician.

  15. BSinVA

    Karla said that Obama has no business experience. Obama does have six years of experience as President of the US which I think trumps Trump any day.

  16. Karla Homoka

    “Karla, you may use ignorant speech anywhere you want, just not here.” well then… I guess I can’t use it “anywhere”… right? LOL!! btw… you never answered my question… why is the I-word “ignorant”. “You probably need to review the definition of “immigrant.”” And you should review the meaning of illegal. “you have a problem with undocumented workers” LOL!! and “unlicensed pharmacists” (aka drug dealers). “not everyone has that opportunity” This is a gross rationalization, and you know it! Perhaps I don’t have the “opportunity or money” to pay my taxes. Does that grant me innocence? “what do we do about it” Numero uno… defend our border!! With guns and bullets!! I pay taxes. We have an $800 BILLION per YEAR defense budget. Defense of our border with bullets is my expectation. Next would be E-Verify. “Trump makes a better businessman than he does a politician.” That is my whole point. Many people are sick of politicians. Because they LIE.

    Your entire post is nothing more that rationalizations, Moon. The same stuff you’ve been dishing up for years. I-words have no place in our nation. They have no excuse for breaking our laws. Trump is speaking the truth. And watch out, some people appreciate the truth.

  17. Karla Homoka

    “Obama does have six years of experience as President of the US” Face palm!! LOL!! That could be said for MANY presidents! Is Dubya a better man that Trump because of his term? “trumps Trump” cute… Keep an eye on the “Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez” case. Sanchez is Trumps biggest piece of ammo right now. btw… I thought you were uninterested in my posts. :))

  18. BSinVA

    No. I said I was uninterested in your opinions!

  19. Starryflights

    Sorry to hear about Mr Bentley. RIP

  20. Censored bybvbl

    I’ll miss Rick’s thoughtful comments. He was a truly independent thinker. You could count on him for a thoughtful analysis on a topic and not the typical boring party spiel. RIP, Rick.

  21. Karla Homoka

    “I thought you were uninterested in my posts. :))” … “No. I said I was uninterested in your opinions!” …. ohhhh… so you interpret my posts as facts then? hey… you aren’t as dumb as I thought!!

  22. BSinVA

    Karla: I do not want to insult you so I won’t explain what I think of your posts. Have a blessed day.

  23. Karla Homoka

    “Grammatically “illegals” is ignorant. “illegal” is an adjective.” Ohhhh… I was waiting for this one!! You know… English is an “evolving” language. New words/terms are created daily! e.g. “selfie”. If an appreciable number of people want to call I-words what they really are… then… so be it!! English is really an amazing language!! I-words should learn to speak it sometime! LOL!! Hey! Here’s another example for ya … “racist” has been redefined to be “someone who follows the law”!! LMFAO!! Like I say, Trump and the truth!! That’s gonna be a tough combo to beat!!

    “[Ed. note: I spoke to this issue yesterday. Therefore I redacted your comment.]” Hey!! redact away!! It’s the libbertards favorite pass time!!! (e.g. 9500″Liberty” LMAO!!) Freedom of speech??? Oh… that only exists if it agrees with us!! LOL!! Ya know… you people used to “redact” my entire posts!!! and now you entertain them!!! All I can conclude is that your biased website is dying. Sorry to hear that… 🙁

    And yer biggest problem is that to “redact” my posts… YOU have to read them!! And they are directed at YOU anyway!! LOL!! Lord knows no one else is gonna visit here!!

    Anyway… cheers!! I’ll stop by from time to time… to yank yer chain!! LOL!! … if yer still around that is…

    But… in all sincerity … RIP Rick!! You live on in our thoughts!!!

    1. Karla,

      I looked back through our archives and I saw that you basically come here to be a pain in the ass. Emma was being polite.
      I am going to suggest that you either settle down and stop trying to be a PITA or just go elsewhere.

      This might be difficult for you to understand but we are in mourning for a friend. You do not represent his point of view; in fact, I doubt that you probably know what it is.
      We are under new management. I am only so patient. You are welcome here if you are polite and contribute to the discussion.

  24. Ed Myers

    Let’s do the immigration debate another day another thread and keep this space for honoring Rick.

  25. Emma

    Actually, after following Rick’s comments all these years, I almost think he would relish a lusty immigration debate in his honor. I say “almost” because much of the above “debate” is trollish.

  26. Scout

    Karla – you’re really lowering the level around here. This is sort of a family place. We have disagreements, but we try to use complete sentences, more or less conventional punctuation, and we do try (I fail sometimes and others do too, but we do try) to make sense.

    To try to pick up on something intelligible in your comments (other than your admiration for Rick, which I think is correct, but I sort of have doubts about how you reasoned your way to it), whether one calls uninspected immigrants “illegals” or some other term, the problem isn’t with the terminology, the problem is how does one fashion policies that are workable and in the best interests of the United States. You’re not getting us very far down that road (and that’s putting it in the best possible light).

  27. Karla is finished with this thread.

    This thread, is dedicated to Rick, not trolling. Rick was intelligent and intellectual, even when he unleashed his “evil twin.”

    Does anyone remember his attempt at porn here? 🙄

    I remember him recommending the movie, Doubt and also Constantine’s Sword. Excellent recommendations.

    I do not think Rick was without religion or spirituality. He had had a bad experience somewhere along the way.

  28. Lyssa

    He was a bit gross at times and very irreverent. I don’t recall any meanness in his posts. He questioned everything – which could be fun. I’ll bet he gave St Peter some grief on his way in.

    1. Oh Rick could be real gross. (and he was proud of it)

      If he was mean, it was t pure enjoyment he got from jerking people’s chain.

  29. “Rick” was also an accomplished drummer. He played in a band in college (I am assuming)

    Rick was on drums in “Fade to Black”:


  30. Cargosquid

    Here’s to Rick.

    (Raises a glass…..)

    1. Raising a glass ” To Rick.”

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