louisiana shooting


A gunman opened fire on a movie theater in Lafayette, La. Thursday night, killing at least two people and injuring at least seven before killing himself, police said.

Police Chief Jim Craft said at a news conference around 11 p.m. that police received reports of a shooting at the Grand Theatre 16 around 7:30 p.m. Four officers entered the theater to confront the shooter and found him dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Two other people have been confirmed dead.

Police said there are at least seven other injured victims, with injuries ranging from minor to critical and life-threatening. Louisiana State Police Sgt. David Brooks told CNN that all injured victims have been taken to local hospitals.

The shooter has been described as white and 58 years old.  Police know his identity.

At what point do gun rights advocates start coming up with real solutions about what to do about these weekly occurences?  Too many Americans are dying from shooting rampages.

I think I am going to barf if I hear any more platitudes and slogans.  Too many guns are getting into the hands of those not competent or responsible to own them.  I want to know solutions.  Come on, A2 advocates, pony up some REAL solutions.  No bumper sticker slogans allowed.

At some point the American people are going to rebel and demand changes. It seems to me that strong 2A folks would guard their rights more by thinking up solutions for this epidemic rather than telling us why they have rights.

137 Thoughts to “Yet another theater shooting rampage– 3 dead”

  1. BSinVA

    Scout wins !!!!

  2. Steve Thomas

    Pistols are issued by the armed forces as personal defensive weapons, to those whose job is something other than “rifleman”. Officers are issued pistols because their primary function is to lead and control their unit. Mortarmen and machine-gunners are also issued sidearms for personal protection should their primary, crew-served weapons fall out of action, or for defensive use prior to the mortar or machine-gun being assembled for action.

    If you were to go into any military unit armory, you would find hundreds of Beretta M9 pistols. The military carry pistols for the same reason civilians do: individual protection.

  3. Steve Thomas

    Says you. The military issues pistols to officers, staff nco’s and those serving on crew-served weapons. They issue pistols for the same reason the police issue pistols, and for the same reason civilians carry pistols: self-defense. I guess that Beretta pistol that I carried as a Marine officer was just a figment of my imagination? I guess the M9 pistol I was issued as a supplementary weapon to the 870 shotgun I carried as a combat engineer, and how I was trained to transition to the pistol should my 8-round shotgun run dry in a fight, was imaginary too.

    Scout hasn’t “won” anything. He’s a lawyer. I suspect he knows quite well what the 2A is all about, why it was written into our Constitution, and why it remains relevant today. Like a good lawyer who is on the wrong side of a case, he’ll keep arguing points hoping he gets a judge like you BS, who was absent the day they taught constitutional law in law school.

  4. Steve Thomas

    Scout, I guess you’ve never heard the term “butter knife gun”. The OSS used this strategy to equip resistance fighters during WW2. Partisans would use the more easily concealed handgun to get close to the soldier. Once the enemy soldier was eliminated, his weapons and kit would be taken. The handgun would be passed to another partisan with the command to “go and do likewise”.

  5. BSinVA

    Steve: your point was that the 2A is to ” ensure the people had the means to resist and replace the state…”. Scout countered that if what you said was accurate, then the 2A must not protect the right to keep pistols in that pistols are inadequate to resist and replace a state.

    Scout wins the point.

  6. Steve Thomas

    How so? Does the military issue pistols? Do federal law enforcement (what the founders called a “select militia”) issue pistols? Indeed they do. Also, pistols were considered “arms” during the revolution, and they continue to be “arms” today. Now his cavalry saber…

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