The Batmobile pulled into a gas station Sunday night and, as usual, the children who spotted it gawked.

Lenny B. Robinson was used to that. The Maryland man, better known as the Route 29 Batman, had for years dressed as the Caped Crusader and driven his custom-made car to deliver moments of happiness and distraction to hundreds of sick children at area hospitals.

His costume stored in the Batmobile but his alter ego never entirely switched off, Robinson gave the kids at the gas station some superhero paraphernalia before driving off.

Minutes later, Robinson pulled over with engine trouble on an unlit stretch of Interstate 70 near Hagerstown, Md., police said. The people he had just met parked behind him, turning their emergency lights on.

His car was stopped in the median but still “partially in the fast lane” when he got out to check the engine, according to state police. Around 10:30 p.m., a Toyota Camry slammed into the Batmobile, propelling the steel-framed hunk of black metal into his body. Robinson, 51, died at the scene.

Life really isn’t fair.  How tragic that this kind, generous man has died.  RIP, Lenny B. Robinson…aka Batman.

5 Thoughts to “The death of Batman”

  1. Scout

    An interesting and valuable eccentric, in the best sense of the word. A good life.

    1. Life just isn’t fair, sometimes.

  2. Scout

    It’s not supposed to be fair. So one has to make the best of each day and try to do some good beyond oneself. This guy had his own peculiar formula, but it was entirely admirable.

    1. His father spoke to TV reporters after the funeral. It was touching. He is going to try to find a way to continue his son’s work.

      Scout,check your email.

  3. Starryflights

    Very sad.

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